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Mhairi and Lewis's Wedding

Another happy couple down the aisle, with the dashing groom and his groomsmen all sporting MacGregor and MacDuff kilt outfits. Mhairi and Lewis celebrated their wedding day in the ultimate Scottish countryside style at Harlaw Farm. From the photos Daniel Mainland Photography took, it looked like the perfect day.

Lewis decided to make his big day all the more special by inviting his groomsmen to the Groom’s Room on the morning of his wedding. The Groom’s Room is a unique service that offers grooms and their best guys a laid back setting to get ready for the wedding. At the Groom's Room, professional barbers from House Martin Barbers give everyone a shave and haircut (if they want one that is) to make sure they are exquisitely groomed and our expert stylists ensure everyone is dressed to perfection. All while the groom and groomsmen enjoy complimentary coffee, whisky, Cuban cigars and even a hand or two of poker.

Lewis and his groomsmen enjoyed their Groom’s Room experience by sampling a few cigars, some whisky and playing some poker. When they got to the venue, the Lewis and his groomsmen didn’t just look spectacular, they looked relaxed, which is exactly how the Groom’s Rooms is meant to make you feel.

Mhairi and Lewis Grooms Room - MacGregor and MacDuff

Lewis chose our exclusive Lomond Mist tartan for all the kilts and paired it with a Glen Orchy jacket and waistcoat for his groomsmen. Lewis decided to wear a Lomond Grey jacket and waistcoat which allowed him to not just match his groomsmen but also stand out from them. Everyone wore matching Lomond Mist Ties and Light Bovine Dress Sporrans which completed the look, making for a very stylish group of lads.

If you’d like to incorporate the Groom’s Room to your wedding party, be sure to email to find out more or visit our website here.

Mhairi and Lewis Grooms Room Glasgow - MacGregor and MacDuffMhairi and Lewis Styling Grooms Room - MacGregor and MacDuffMhairi and Lewis Wedding - MacGregor and MacDuff

Mhairi and Lewis Farm Wedding - MacGregor and MacDuff

Mhairi and Lewis Wedding - MacGregor and MacDuff

Mhairi and Lewis's - MacGregor and MacDuff

Mhairi and Lewis Celebration - MacGregor and MacDuff