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Ordering online has never been easier with MacGregor and MacDuff. We have created a simple guide for you to follow.

Below are the different measurements you need to provide us with to make sure we send you the perfect fit. 


When measuring your body, using a tailors tape measure works best as it provides the most accurate measurements. Wrap the tape around your natural waist, which should be around the naval. Make sure this is quite a tight measurement as you don't want the kilt falling down. Your measurement will most likely be bigger than your normal trouser size as the kilt will sit a lot higher. Double check the measurement a couple of times to make sure it is correct.


Stand with your feet together, and keep looking forward when this measurement is being taken, if you look down or bend your knees the measurement will be incorrect. Measure from the navel to just over the top of the kneecap; the kilt should just overlap the top of your kneecap and sit in the crease of the back of your knee. It is important that you also provide us with your height, as this will mean we will be able to tell if the measurements you have taken seem correct.


We use your height measurement to gauge how long your kilt will need to be. When taking your height measurement make sure you are barefoot and are standing up straight, looking forward with your legs together.


The seat measurement is for the third buckle of your kilt and a measurement of the widest part of your hips. Stand with your feet together, and cross your arms over so that they are not in the way of the tape measure. Take a loose measurement around the widest part of your hips ensuring that you have a bit of room to allow the kilt to swing.


Using the same tailors tape measure, stand up straight and wrap it around your chest at the widest part which is often above or at the nipple line. If you are measuring your chest by yourself, make sure you have the end of the tape at your front so you can easily read the measurement in a mirror.


Measure your sleeve length from the top of your shoulder, down the wrist bone. Make sure you are looking straight with your arms relaxed at your side. This will alow you to get the most accurate measurement. 


Your shirt size is the diameter of your neck. If you already have a dress shirt that you know fits, use that size. When measuring your neck, use the tailor's measuring tape and measure around your neck where the collar would normally sit. This measurement should be given in inches.