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Terms & Conditions of Hire

  • If one member of the group is collecting other party member orders, they will be held responsible for any damage or loss to any of the garments contained within the orders they have collected.

Return of Garments

  • Please treat garments with reasonable care.
  • All garments must be returned on the stated return date. Failure to do so will result in an excess charge of £15 per outfit per day after the stated return date. There is no exception to this condition.
  • Items have to be carefully checked so as to leave time for this process. If you do not wait for items to be checked another member of staff can verify any value to be taken off your card details.

Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW)

  • ADW is optional. Please remember that any personal insurance you may already hold does not cover the garment(s) owned by us.
  • If you have paid a premium for ADW, we will waive charges that arise from accidental damage to any or all of the garments whilst being used appropriately to the value of £200.
  • The waiver will not apply if, in the opinion of the team at MacGregor and MacDuff, the garment(s) have been damaged through inappropriate use. We reserve the right to charge for any garment(s) lost, stolen or returned damaged (unless covered by ADW). A full list of charges are available on request. Lost garments will be charged at their full value.
  • Charges not covered by ADW can be paid for by cash or card at point of return, or will be charged against the credit card that has been left as security against the garments.

Sgian Dubhs (Scottish Dagger)

  • MacGregor and MacDuff provide a replica Sgian Dubh with all full hires for dress purposes only as part of a traditional Highland Dress Outfit for events that permit the wearing of a Sgian Dubh and no other purpose. Because the wearing of a Sgian Dubh may or may not be lawful from time to time within any particular jurisdiction in which the Sgian Dubh is worn and because MacGregor and MacDuff has no control over where the Sgian Dubh will, in fact, be worn, no warranty is, nor can be, given by MacGregor and MacDuff, whether expressed or implied, as to the lawfulness or otherwise under any local bye-law, applicable statute or regulation made thereunder of wearing a Sgian Dubh as part of a Highland Dress Outfit.
  • Accordingly, the hirer acknowledges and accepts the risk that the wearing of the Sgian Dubh may or may not be lawful in the jurisdiction in which the Highland Dress Outfit is worn, accepts full responsibility and liability for all damage, losses, claims, expenses, actions (whether criminal or civil) and others arising directly or indirectly as a consequence therefore and waives any claim whatsoever against MacGregor and MacDuff in respect thereof.
  • The hirer undertakes to MacGregor and MacDuff to wear the Sgian Dubh inside the sock at all times secured by a garter and not to remove the Sgian Dubh therefrom.
  • If the hirer is in any doubt as to the consequences (whether civil or criminal otherwise) of wearing the Sgian Dubh, the hirer should consult their own independent legal advisers.


  • 2 forms of ID are required, 1 form of photo ID which must be either a valid driving licence or passport. The second form of ID must be a form of recent address dated within the last 3 months; either a bank or utility bill which can be in a paper or digital format. 
  • The Hirer will be held responsible for the cost of any hire item that is lost, stolen or damaged (unless covered by ADW).
  • Any outfit returned heavily soiled may be charged an additional cleaning fee of up to £20, in extreme cases, will be asked to cover the cost to replace the heavily soiled items.
  • Failure to return a hire can see the Hirer's details being passed onto a debt collector agency.
  • MacGregor and MacDuff reserve the right to halt any and all hires to the Scottish Islands during periods of bad weather and busy times of the year.

Postal Hires

  • To avoid any issues, we will always aim for outfits to arrive at least three days before your event date.
  • MacGregor and MacDuff use DPD who will keep you updated via text/email and will provide a 1 hour time slot on the day of delivery.
  • DPD will not notify you when they come to collect your hire to return back to us. MacGregor and McDuff will will be in touch to confirm your collection date. It is important that you ensure someone is at the collection address until the parcel is collected. It could be anytime between 9am and 5pm. If you postpone the collection date or are not in for the parcel to be collected, you will be charged extra.
  • MacGregor and MacDuff cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by our delivery partners or any missed deliveries/collections by the customer.


  • No security deposit is required, however, your authorisation is mandatory (required at the time of booking) that in the event of non-returned or damaged garments (unless covered by ADW) we are authorised by your execution of these terms and conditions to deduct the full replacement value of your garments directly from your credit cards.

T&Cs of Hire

  • All hire outfits are to be fully paid within 12 weeks of hire and there are no refunds for any hire payments if cancelled within 12 weeks of the hire date.

Governing Law

  • These terms and conditions and the contract of hire are governed by Scots Law.
  • I, in my capacity as Hirer, have read the above terms and conditions and agreed to comply with the obligations thereunder. By collecting your hire, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Terms of any Hire outfit you collect.