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In keeping with our heritage of traditional kiltmaking, we create high quality products that are timeless and designed to last. As the importance of being a sustainable business increases, we have set ourselves the goal to learn more and lead by example. There is still a long way to go with making our company more sustainable but we will continue to strive towards this and make positive changes that better impact the world around us.


This starts with the product itself. All of our kilts are made from 100% worsted wool. We are proud to be an official supporter of The Campaign for Wool: a global endeavour to raise awareness amongst consumers about the many benefits offered by the fibre. Like many products made from wool, we create premium products that are timeless and designed to last. Our cloth is woven in one of three different mills, each based in the UK. We pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of our products are authentically made in Scotland, with the rest being handcrafted in the UK. 


We have a strong reduce, reuse, recycle policy. Once one of our hire outfits has gone past the standard that we strive for, we then add it into our ex-hire stock and sell at a reduced price. Our ex-hire kilts and jackets can be bought in store, online and we also host ex-hire sales at different points throughout the year. We make sure that each garment is still to a high quality, and mend any faults; ensuring that each garment gets a second home.

We pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of all of our products, and this is proven through Our Guarantee. We are confident that the high quality of each kilt that we produce, is a product that will last a lifetime. We have a promise that if you are not 100% satisfied with one of our kilts, we will send it back to our kiltmakers to examine for any faults. Our kilts are made-to-order in Scotland by our highly skilled kiltmakers; who use techniques that have been passed down and refined through generations of kiltmaking. 


We have recently undergone refits within each of our stores. Each store is greatly inspired by antique and industrial elements, as we believe that this is the perfect way to reflect and represent the quality and craftsmanship of traditional kiltmaking. It was important for us to use sustainable materials and upcycle when choosing features for our new store designs, as reusing products instead of buying them new represents high quality goods and tradition. This concept was a great metaphor of a traditional kilt; handmade to the highest quality, if cared and looked after properly it will last a lifetime and further.

We are doing everything in our power to be more respectful to our planet and be more aware of what our actions can do to the environment. This begins with small actions, like being part of the Nespresso recycling scheme. Offering coffee to both customers, and as a refreshment for our staff, we ensure that each capsule used is recycled. We have greatly tried to reduce the amount of plastic that we use and this includes the use of pens within our company. Handwritten information is still an essential part of the day-to-day runnings of our shops and so by introducing a pencil only policy, we are contributing to less plastic being put in the bin.


One of our main focuses recently has been to find efficient packaging solutions that minimise the negative impact on the environment. As we sell our products across the UK and globally, we are often posting items to different locations. This means that we have started reusing any plastic that still exists within our company, resulting in bags sometimes appearing worn, this is a short term measure until we are able to go completely plastic free. We have introduced brown paper bags company wide as replacements to plastic and these are 100% recyclable.