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Lomond Mist (Exclusive)

Weight: 13oz

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A Brief History of Lomond Mist

Lomond Mist is a contemporary tartan that is Exclusive to MacGregor and MacDuff. In 2009 it became the second tartan to enter the Mist tartan range and has been a very popular tartan ever since. It is a universal tartan which means it has no connection to any clan or Scottish surname.

The Lomond Mist tartan takes inspiration from the iconic Loch Lomond and its dramatic surroundings. The tartan features greys which represent the morning mists over the water, browns to represent the earthy banks of the loch, and a flash of pink for the purslane flowers that decorate the shores. Lomond Mist is a versatile tartan that will match a wide range of jacket colours, styles, and accessories, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.