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Tie the Knot with our Traditional Handfasting

Tartan Handfasting is an ancient tradition that has become an increasingly popular part of modern day wedding ceremonies. Handfasting is used to symbolise the joining together of two lives. The hands of the couple are placed on top of one another and then the Handfasting material is wrapped around. This is where the phrase ‘tying the knot’ comes from. Historically this gesture was practised in the engagement period, the couple would agree to a binding union for a year and a day as a ‘trial marriage.’ This would ensure that they were ready for the commitment of marriage. Today the gesture is part of the wedding ceremony; usually during or after the vows and represents the union of the couple.

Tartan Handfasting is a special way of celebrating and connecting with your Scottish heritage. It is traditional to use two clan tartans - these can either be sewn together or separate. This is a literal representation of two clans joining together. Alternatively, you can use a different tartan: a favourite tartan or the one the groom’s party are hiring on the day. MacGregor and MacDuff have over 4,000 tartans to choose from, and offer either a fringed or unfringed version of your Handfasting.