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The story behind ‘Islay Mist’

MacGregor and MacDuff believe that the story behind tartan should be told, each tartan has its own unique narrative. Our exclusive Mist Tartan Collection is inspired by different locations in Scotland. Taking colour inspiration from Scottish landscapes and scenery; giving each of our tartans their own story. Our newest, and fifth exclusive tartan to MacGregor and MacDuff, is the Islay Mist, designed by our product innovation team and in-house tartan designer. The tartan was inspired by the breath taking landscapes and sunsets that are famous for the Isle of Islay; the cloth has been expertly woven with ocean shades of grey and blue, deep purples and lifted with a line of rosewater.

Islay is the most southerly island of the Inner Hebrides, and the Atlantic west coast offers the most beautiful light to be seen in Scotland. The Isle of Islay was once the main seat of power in the West of Scotland, and became known as the home of the Lord of the Isles. It is only fitting that our designers created a striking tartan to represent this, with striking colours that truly capture the beauty of the Isle of Islay.



Our designers wanted our new tartan to represent Islay as much as possible, working closely with the mill to determine the exact colours of the wool that represent the Island’s dynamic scenery. Just as important as the colours of the tartan is the sett. Our designers wanted to ensure our new tartan fitted into our ever-popular Mist Collection. This was a lengthy process, as initially there were five different colour palettes and stories to choose from, but the story of Islay was the clear winner. The next step was to whittle down five designs to one, then the tartan could be woven.



Once the first bale was woven, one of our kiltmakers made a kilt for a mannequin to see exactly how it could be styled. Our designers and our MacGregor and MacDuff team were thrilled with how beautifully the tartan sat as a kilt, and how perfectly it paired with each of our jackets and different accessories. The Islay Mist is our most versatile tartan yet, giving our customers more options when matching their kilt outfit to their own personal style.

The Islay Mist is now available to buy and to hire from the 1st of March 2019.