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Official Launch of our Islay Mist Tartan

Our Islay Mist tartan has now officially been launched in store and is available to hire and purchase from this day forward. We are extremely excited about our new Mist tartan, and have already had a lot of interest and intrigue towards it. This weekend we are fully booked for Groom’s Fittings with eager grooms ready to try on our new exclusive design.

The tartan is our most versatile yet, going with each of our hire and premium jackets. This means that there is huge flexibility to style the tartan the way you wish. We are extremely excited to see the different outfits that are put together with our Islay Mist tartan. Alongside the kilt itself, we have a range of Islay Mist tartan accessories to compliment your outfit. All handmade in Scotland these include tartan ties, bowties and plaids; as well as handfasting and ring bearer cushions. We wanted to emphasise the true craftsmanship behind the creation of our Islay Mist; closely focusing on the story and the process behind it.


The tartan is now featured in each of our stores, in the form of show kilts and on mannequins. Our visual merchandising team have created an in-store representation of the inspiration behind the Islay Mist tartan, through a spectacular window display and cabinet features. The display showcases different colours of wool, each of which are in the tartan, hanging down from spools and tied at the bottom to boat shuttles. This colour explosion shows the separate colours that together form our Islay Mist tartan. A boat shuttle is used to store a holder that carries the thread of the weft yarn while weaving with a loom. By using antique boat shuttles and bobbins, this was a nod to the traditional craftsmanship of weaving tartan.

Our cabinets feature moss and wood panelling, which create the rustic feel to represent the Isle of Islay. The visual merchandising team carefully selected a range of different accessories that perfectly compliment the tartan and add to the idea of craftsmanship and design. These accessories include our Heathergems Sgian Dubh and Celtic Twist Kilt Pin.

For more information about buying or hiring our Islay Mist tartan head into one of our stores, or contact our Communication Team at