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New Shop Designs

This year marks 40 years of MacGregor and MacDuff and what a time we’ve had! We sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of our journey! This being our 40th year we are embarking on a facelift to our stores. It is incredibly important to us to portray the quality and craftsmanship that is MacGregor and MacDuff at every point.  Our in-house Visual Merchandiser, Jill, worked alongside Aleksandra from Skela Studio, to create a design for our shop interior and exteriors. We wanted our brand image to be consistent throughout our stores, pop-ups and wedding shows. Jill was greatly inspired by antique and industrial design elements, we believe that this is the perfect way to reflect and represent the quality and craftsmanship of traditional kiltmaking.

Our new in-store designs include antiques such as Singer sewing machines, display cabinets and stools. Each shop will have a stand out bespoke feature wall, which was made from reclaimed scaffolding wood to create a quirky display for our products. It was important for our Visual Merchandiser to use sustainable materials and upcycle, as reusing products instead of buying them new represent high quality goods and tradition. This concept was a great metaphor of a traditional kilt; handmade to the highest quality, if cared and looked after properly it will last a lifetime and further.

Every aspect of the shop oozes quality, design and craftsmanship. When speaking to Jill she told us one of her favourite features is the hand painted murals. Michael Scott, who graduated as a painter from Glasgow School of Art specialises in freehand signage painting. He has hand-painted our logo in our stores and head office, once again celebrating craftsmanship and the unbelievable skill of a local artist.

Our new exterior signage is simple and timeless in design. The shops are painted in a deep grey, with off-white lettering and logo. This truly captures the vintage vibe, and works perfectly in complementing our in-store design. Our Prestwick shop is now complete, while Dumbarton Road is going through the final stages of their refit at the moment. Finally, our Bath Street shop will be completed this summer. Here’s to another 40 years!