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Happy Tartan Day, New York!

In 1998, the US Senate declared the 6th of April to be National Tartan Day to recognise the contributions made by Scottish-Americans to the United States. To first celebrate, in 1999 two pipe bands and a small group of Scottish Americans made up the first ever Tartan Day Parade. The New York Tartan Day Parade is now a renowned Scottish spectacular, with thousands of marchers and spectators travelling from all over the world to be part of this special day. The mesmerising walk is made up of around 1,500 enthusiastic participants, along Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue, with 30,000 spectators cheering on from the sidelines. Highland dancers, pipe bands, Scottish clans and even Scottish dogs are led by a highly respected and influential Scottish Grand Marshall; from the likes of Sir Sean Connery, Sir Alex Ferguson, to the leader of this year’s parade - Scotland’s beloved and famed comedian, Sir Billy Connelly.

At MacGregor and MacDuff, we are proud of and celebrate our own connections with America. MacGregor and MacDuff was founded in 1979 by Mr Scollin and Mr MacGregor. Mr Scollin was an American businessman who moved to Fife to marry. He initially opened up a kilt shop in Fife, soon setting his sights on Glasgow where the fashion scene was thriving in the 80’s. After buying our kilt shop in Glasgow, he merged with Mr MacGregor – a highly skilled kiltmaker. Mr MacGregor was extremely creative and skilled in his craft and Mr Scollin a successful businessman, this pairing was perfect – business and creativity under one roof!

So why MacDuff you may be wondering? Fife is the land of the MacDuff’s, and as Mr Scollin now lived here he had a special connection to Fife and therefore the MacDuff clan. This was the creation of MacGregor and MacDuff, now a premier kiltmakers, with locations in Glasgow, Ayrshire, London and Manchester, alongside selling worldwide.

In 2005, MacGregor and MacDuff went global with our ever first international sale: a Prince Charlie kilt jacket to a customer in America. This was only the beginning of many international sales online, and visitors coming to our stores. We are very proud of our Scottish and American roots that founded MacGregor and MacDuff, and as we celebrate our 40 year anniversary with have some very exciting news, to be revealed in the coming month.

Happy Tartan Day, and keep your eyes peeled for what’s next for MacGregor and MacDuff!