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Signature Collection

MacGregor and MacDuff’s Signature Collection is a premium package and luxury service for customers who are looking to design their own jacket and waistcoat. This is the package to choose if you are looking for a bespoke outfit.  Fully customise your jacket and waistcoat, create a complete one-off design tailored to your own unique style. This is the perfect way to add your own edge to a kilt outfit!


Working closely with our Signature Stylist, Antonia, you will design each element of your jacket and waistcoat down to the finest detail. From books full of fabric and lining samples, to button and thread choices, to deciding the smaller details like the jacket collar, cuff, and pockets; together you will create your perfect jacket and waistcoat combination. You will have a personalised appointment with Antonia, who will provide you with advice and a wealth of knowledge on choosing the perfect outfit. Antonia is there to support and assist in the decision making, with expertise in designing the Signature jackets and waistcoats, as well as an knowing our product inside out; she will be there to help style your outfit immaculately. Once each element of your outfit has been decided on, it will take 12 weeks to get everything created and ready. As the jacket and waistcoat is bespoke, it is a slightly longer timescale compared to any of our other packages. Once ready, there will then be a second fitting where you have the opportunity to try on your full outfit; ensuring that everything fits correctly. Alongside this, Antonia will provide you with the knowledge on how to put everything on perfectly as we understand that the many elements of a Highlandwear outfit can be quite overwhelming! If any adjustments are needed at this point, it will be free of charge alterations and you will then be able to come back for another fitting.


The Signature Package price starts at £1200, and includes everything that you will need; the bespoke jacket and waistcoat, handmade kilt and all of your Highlandwear accessories. Durable leather ghillie brogues, kilt hose, a tartan tie, tartan flashes, authentic sgian dubh, kilt pin, choice of dress sporran and regular collared shirt will all be part of your package. Each product is painstakingly sourced to ensure the highest quality with Scottish heritage and craftmanship at heart.


The Signature Package really is the perfect outfit to go for if you are looking to add your own personal stamp to your kilt outfit!

If you have any questions regarding our Signature jacket and waistcoat and would like to arrange a consultation, please contact our Signature Stylist at: