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A Guide to MacGregor and MacDuff’s Kilt Jackets

There are many different jacket and waistcoat styles to choose from to hire and purchase. It is important to pick what tartan you are going to go for first, then you can select a jacket colour that will complement the kilt perfectly. The next step is choosing which jacket and waistcoat is best for you, here is a short guide to each of MacGregor and MacDuff’s kilt jackets to assist you in your decision making!

The Prince Charlie Jacket and waistcoat is the most traditional and formal style of kilt jacket. Heavily embellished with chrome buttons and twisted epaulettes; it is a short cut black jacket with tails at the back. Made from high quality 19oz Barrathea wool, the jacket is extremely long lasting. The traditional way of wearing the Prince Charlie is with a three button waistcoat and a bow tie – an outfit that has always been the go-to for black tie events and formal dinners. A more modern approach to wearing the Prince Charlie Jacket is with a five button waistcoat and a tie or cravat; or simply by changing the buttons to a black or antique finish. This jacket should always be worn with a dress sporran, and the cantle should have the same finish as the buttons. This traditional jacket and waistcoat is a timeless design, and compliments the majority of our tartans.


An Argyll jacket and waistcoat is perfect for a formal, yet modern look. Fashioned from 13oz Barrathea wool, this black jacket is designed more like a suit style of jacket, sitting much longer than a traditional Prince Charlie.  Although not as heavily embellished as the Prince Charlie, the jacket still has traditional components to it; chrome buttons, gauntlet cuffs and flat epaulettes. Typically worn with a five button waistcoat; a cravat, straight or bow tie each compliment the jacket perfectly. It can also be worn without a waistcoat, and instead with a bowtie, belt and buckle. This is the perfect jacket to go for if you are looking for a traditional outfit with a contemporary twist.

Moving on to the more modern jackets, there are a range of tweed jackets and waistcoats to choose from. From the extremely popular Arran Navy Tweed, to light grey and charcoal options. There are also a range of Clunie tweed jackets which are similar in design to an Argyll; styled with gauntlet cuffs, twisted epaulettes and embellished with imitation stag horn buttons. This is a perfect way to add a bit of traditional style to your modern outfit. The Clunie jacket comes in a range of colours including; navy, brown, Russet Red, Lovat Blue and Lovat Green, meaning that there will be a jacket to compliment any tartan.

Finally, MacGregor and MacDuff’s Signature jacket and waistcoat is where customers can take their favourite elements from each of our jackets and create their own bespoke design. Starting from choosing the jacket fabric and lining, to deciding on the smaller details like the jacket collar, cuff, and pockets this is the perfect option for customers who are looking to add their own unique edge to a kilt outfit. Find out more about the Signature Jacket and Waistcoat .

For more information on any of our kilt jackets pop into one of our stores or contact our Communication Team on