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Clans Of The Month

Clan Abercrombie

What is the Abercrombie Clan Motto?

The Abercrombie Clan motto is Petit Alta (He aims at high things).

What is the Abercrombie Clan history?

William de Abercromby (spelled Haberchrumbie), and Johan de Abercromby rendered homage to Edward I of England in 1296 for lands in the parish of Abercromby in Fife. The original lineage of the Abercrombies went extinct in the mid-seventeenth century and the Abercrombies of Birkenbog became the representatives of the name. 

In the 1500’s the Abercrombie name was intrinsically connected to the Catholic faith with many Abercrombies fiercely opposing the protestant faith during the Reformation. During the 1600’s this would change when various Abercrombies converted to Protestantism which shifted the Clans general religious direction. 

Who was Sir Ralph Abercrombie?

A notable person from the Clan is Sir Ralph Abercromby who was a decorated officer in the British Army. He was a mentor to the Duke of Wellington during the Napoleonic Wars and is credited with the military reforms and army restructure that eventually led to the success against Napoleon.

What does the Abercrombie Clan tartan look like?

The Abercrombie tartan mainly consists of dark green and navy with black and white also featuring in the sett. The Abercrombie tartan is a fantastically understated and versatile tartan, perfect for formal events. 

Clan Graham of MenteithGraham of Menteith - MacGregor and MacDuff

What is the Graham of Menteith Clan Motto?

The Graham clan motto is “Ne Oublie” which translates to “Do not forget”.

What is the history of Graham of Menteith?

The Grahams of Menteith were a western and important branch of Clan Graham. The history of the Grahams of Menteith began towards the end of the 14th century when Sir Patrick Graham of Dundaff, who was the second son of a chief of the Grahams, married Euphemia, the heiress of Prince David, Earl of Stratherne, son of King Robert II. Their son, Malise Graham was removed as Earl of Stratherne by King James I due a disputed line of inheritance. Malise was instead granted the earldom of Menteith which was held for nine generations.

What does the Graham of Menteith tartan look like?

The Graham of Menteith tartan is made up from rich blues and greens in their modern and ancient variants. There are also red and weathered variations that move away from the classic colours. All of the Graham of Menteith variations would make for a great choice when it comes to choosing a tartan for your kilt.  

Highland Granite

Highland Granite MacGregor and MacDuff

Is Highland Granite a Clan tartan?

Highland Granite is a contemporary tartan with no Clan connection. 

What do the Highland Granite tartan colours represent?

The tartan was designed as an ode to the scenery of the Scottish Highlands. With granite being the predominant composition of the hills and mountains in the area, the Highland Granite tartan reflects those same grey characteristics.

Is Highland Granite a good tartan choice for a kilt?

Highland Granite is a versatile tartan as it’s greys match many different jacket colours and styles. With it being a contemporary tartan, it works especially well with contemporary tweed outfits. Highland Granite kilts are available to buy as well as hire at MacGregor and MacDuff.

Scotland Forever

Scotland Forever - MacGregor and MacDuff

Is Scotland Forever a Clan tartan?

The Scotland Forever tartan isn’t connected to any specific clan and was designed to reflect the pride of the nation. 

Where does the name Scotland Forever come from?

Scotland Forever is also one of Scotland's best known war cry’s, famously used by the Scots Greys during their ferocious charge at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Using Scotland Forever as the name of the tartan emphasises and emboldens Scottish pride. 

What do the Scotland Forever tartan colours represent?

The colours of the tartan represent different aspects of Scotland. The blue and white is symbolic of the Saltire, the national flag of Scotland. The green and purple are to represent the fauna of the country, purples for the heather and thistles and green for the rolling green hills. Scotland Forever is a fantastic tartan steeped in symbolism and works well with both traditional and contemporary outfits. The tartan is also available in our hire range

Isle of Skye tartanIsle of Skye - MacGregor and MacDuff

Is the Isle of Sky tartan a Clan tartan?

The Isle of Skye is not a clan tartan but instead represents a district.

What do the tartan colours represent?

The tartan is made up of purple, brown and green with a light grey stripe. The tartan is meant to represent the beautiful misty scenery of the Isle of Sky with each colour representing a different element of the Isle. The purple represents flowering heather and the green is tribute to the lochs and surrounding sea. The brown represents the earth, hills and mountains, most notably the Cuillin Mountain Range. 

Is the Isle of Skye tartan a good choice?

The Isle of Sky tartan is a fantastic choice for people who don’t want a tartan connected to a clan. The Queen wore the Isle of Skye tartan in 1999 during the first opening of the Scottish parliament which highlights the tartans elegance, popularity and flexibility. The Isle of Skye tartan is available to be made into a kilt, trews, trousers as well as all tartan accessories.