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Seasons are Changing

We are setting our clocks an hour back in anticipation of those darker months, so it got us thinking, what is our perfect outfit to reflect this? The deep, dark tones of our Silver Mist tartan is a great fit for this time of year. Inspired by the enchanting mists and dramatic scenery found across the serene Scottish shorelines, this tartan makes for an extremely stylish and sophisticated look.

MacGregor and MacDuff's Exclusive Silver Mist Outfit


 With the clocks going backwards, our go-to accessory has to be the pocket watch. Sleek and sophisticated in style, a pocket watch isn’t only practical but adds an extra touch of elegance to your outfit. We have a range of pocket watches on offer, each unique in design with the option of personalisation to make it that extra special accessory to treasure forever. 

MacGregor and MacDuff Arran Mist Tartan

Celebrate your Scottish heritage every time with our Personalised Three Thistle Pocket Watch. The striking thistle engraved design and tasteful interior makes it the perfect finishing touch to your Highlandwear outfit.

MacGregor and MacDuff Three Thistle Pocket Watch

Add a delicate edge to your look, with the Mechanical Windsor Prestige Pocket Watch. Classically designed with one side opened to reveal the intricate clockwork inside the watch.MacGregor and MacDuff Mechanical Windsor Prestige Pocket Watch

Looking for the stand out gift? The Full Double Hunter Mechanical Pocket Watch is a stylishly exquisite accessory. Available in both gold and silver, this pocket watch has many traditional features including a skeleton movement which allows you to glance at the inner workings of the watch.

    MacGregor and MacDuff's Full Double Hunter Mechanical Pocket Watch



Make sure you are prepared for a cosy evening in front of the TV with our Tartan Blankets. Beautifully crafted from 100% lambswool, our tartan blankets are available in all of our exclusive Mist tartans. Ideal for the chillier months, our blankets will be the perfect addition to your home.

MacGregor and MacDuff Exclusive Mist Tartan Blankets

 Layers are essential for this time of year, and we have you covered! Add one of our stylish lambswool Tartan Scarves to your outfit, this is guaranteed to keep you warm while adding a Scottish twist to your Autumn/Winter ensemble.

MacGregor and MacDuff Exclusive Mist Tartan Scarf

Lastly, a timely reminder to set your clocks back on Sunday and enjoy an extra hour in bed!