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The Mastery of Kiltmaking

Instantly recognisable all over the world, the kilt has become an important element of Scottish identity. Known not only for its undeniable Scottishness but also the expert craftsmanship that goes into creating one. A seemingly simple few yards of tartan cloth stitched into something complex and beautiful. Since the birth of the feileadh beag, which is what the kilt we know today was called, knowledge of how to create such an intricate garment was passed down through the generations. Each kiltmaker would have taught their children or apprentices the craft and the cycle continued over hundreds of years. Now that the internet is so accessible, arguably anyone could learn how to make a kilt, but the beauty of a kilt doesn’t come from an instruction book. You may be able to follow a step-by-step guide to create some impressive origami, but when it comes to making a kilt, the secret tips and tricks that have been passed down the centuries are what give a kilt its magic.

Kings of KiltsDo MacGregor and MacDuff make kilts in-store?

At MacGregor and MacDuff, all of our kilts are made from 100% worsted wool. Whether you buy a five, seven, or eight-yard kilt, we only use premium tartan cloth. The same goes for whether you choose a handmade or machine-made kilt, only the finest Scottish wool is used for MacGregor and MacDuff highlandwear. Once we have taken your measurements, we then pass these details over to one of our master kiltmakers along with your desired tartan cloth. All of our kiltmakers have their own studio that they work out of. While our shops are a great place for our customers to come and see all of what we have to offer, they aren’t suitable environments for our kiltmakers. As you can imagine, in order to make a kilt, you need a fairly large area as well as a quiet environment to concentrate, therefore ore kiltmakers work their magic in their own space.

Kilt MasterHow long will a MacGregor and MacDuff kilt last?

MacGregor and MacDuff has been a master kiltmaker for over 40 years, with its doors first opening back in 1979. There are kilts that were sold during that first year of business that are still being worn today and will continue to be cherished for many many years to come. We like to tell people that a MacGregor and MacDuff kilt will last a lifetime, but in reality, they can last multiple lifetimes. If properly maintained and taken care of, our kilts will last for generations, especially our handmade kilts. While machine-made kilts are still made from high-quality materials, the stitching can’t be undone and resized. Our handmade kilts on the other hand can be completely unstitched and remade into a completely different size. This means that handmade kilts can be resized and altered as many times as necessary as it’s passed down the generations.

Master Kiltmaker ScotlandWhy should you buy a MacGregor and Macduff kilt?

Without mentioning our 40 years of master kiltmaking again, what really sets MacGregor and MacDuff apart from the competition is the passion we all have for not just highlandwear, but also for our customers. From the company directors down to the team that answers your phone calls, each person involved in the company is committed to delivering unmatched customer service and unrivaled highlandwear products. With our three stores in Scotland and pop-up stores in London and Manchester, we are able to offer our UK customers face to face expert advice. Our industry-leading virtual appointments also mean we can now offer the same great experience you would receive in any of our locations but from the comfort of your own home. To top things off, in 2022 we are going international once again, with visits to Toronto and New York planned for September and October. Our customers have always been at the heart of what we do and alongside our stores and pop-up services, our wedding party coordinators help grooms find the perfect look for the most important day of their lives. So while yes, our kilts and highlandwear products really are that good, it’s the people behind the scenes and the services we offer that are the reasons that you should buy your highlandwear from MacGregor and MacDuff.

The Art Of KiltmakingTo start the process of owning your very own kilt, email us at or book a virtual appointment.

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