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Tartan Design Service

Create your own history...

MacGregor and MacDuff are proud to offer a premium tartan design service to our customers. Working alongside our in-house tartan designer you will be able to design your very own tartan, which will be officially registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority. Whether you can’t find the perfect tartan, or if you would like an exclusive design inspired by your workplace or family; designing your own tartan is an extremely unique and special thing to do. 

The process begins by selecting the colours for the tartan. This could be based on your logo, brand or inspirational colour schemes. Our tartan designer will then present you with a mood board, showcasing each chosen colour. By pairing them next to one another, this will ensure that each colour compliments and works well together in a completed design. Choosing your preferred colour palette at this initial stage can be quite overwhelming, however our tartan designer is there to advise and assist you in every way possible. 

Tradition and Innovation

Up to five tartan examples will then be created using computer aided design software (CAD). This software creates precise drawings; using accurate colours to form the sett pattern of your very own tartan. Yarn samples of the exact colours will also be included with the completed drawings. This stage allows you to visualise what your tartan design will look like.  You will review each CAD drawing with our tartan designer, selecting which is your favourite and make any amendments to the sett pattern or colours used at this time. Once decided on the final design, you will be sent a sign off sheet to complete; confirming that you are happy with the sett pattern and yarn colours before it is woven. 

As soon as the design is signed off, the cloth can be ordered. We recommend weaving 55 metres of cloth at £32 + VAT per metre. A minimum of 10 metres can be woven at any one time – however, the cost per metre is less if more is woven. The design and registration fee is £350 + VAT, which is paid alongside the amount of cloth ordered.  The whole process of design through to manufacture of the cloth takes a minimum of 8 weeks – this entirely depends on the time spent on each process, and so can vary. 

During the time of cloth being woven we will begin to discuss the details of the tartan. You will be able to choose the name of your tartan, as well as work on the registration notes; which briefly describe the inspiration behind the tartan. The final CAD design, name and registration notes will be officially registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority. This means that the tartan cannot be woven or sold without your permission. A framed certificate of the registration of the tartan will be presented to you, once the registration has been processed. 

Unique to you

We can then make products for you in your tartan, at set prices. We will provide you with a full list of products available in your own tartan and can also work with you if you have a specific product in mind. Designing your own tartan is a completely unique and special experience; a design that will be documented and be a part of history forever. 

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