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Our Top Picks for Groomsmen Gifts

Historically, the groomsmens job was to ward off any rival suitors or the family of the bride that were trying to take the bride away from the groom. It is thought that this service to the groom was rewarded by way of gift or payment and this is where the tradition of groomsmen gifts is derived from.

These days the groomsmen jobs are less about fighting off rival suitors and more about planning the stag party, but this is arguably just as important. 

Where a gift is far from expected, it is a very nice touch for a groom to show his appreciation to his groomsmen on the morning of, or the night before the wedding. 

The list of items that could be given as groomsmen gifts is endless but we have selected a few items that we think your favourite guys will love. 

Gift Box Grooms Gifts MacGregor and MacDuff

Mist Tartan Gift Box With Luxury Candle

Our Mist Tartan Gift box with Luxury Candle is the ideal choice for groomsmen and groomswoman.

The gift box contains an expertly crafted 100% lambswool scarf. Not only perfect for all the Scottish seasons but will look great at a wedding where the groom's party is wearing a matching Mist Kilt Outfit.

The set also contains a Mist Tartan Face Mask. Most places these days require us to wear a face mask when in-doors and this unfortunately includes a lot of wedding venues. The Mist Tartan Face Mask will make the need for wearing a face mask less of a burden and more of a fashion choice. Much like the scarf, it will look great on the wedding day and can be enjoyed in everyday life. 

The finishing touch in the gift box is a Luxury Sandalwood and Wild Nettle Candle from Essence of Harris. Each candle is hand poured on the Isle of Harris using the finest ingredients which create a distinctive Scottish fragrance. 

The gift box is available in each of our five Exclusive Mist Tartans so you can decide which will suit the receiver best. It also comes ready to gift in an immaculately wrapped stylish grey box. 

Hip Flasks Grooms Gifts MacGregor and MacDuff

Exclusive Mist Tartan Hip Flask

Contemporary and functional, the Exclusive Mist Tartan Hip Flask is a safe bet when it comes to choosing groomsmen gifts. Other than it being a practical way to hold your favourite tipple, these hip flasks look stylish and will work especially well if your grooms party is already dressed in one of our Exclusive Mist outfits. 

Available in each of our Exclusive Mist Tartans and made from 100% worsted wool woven in Scotland. They are also made from stainless steel and can hold up to 6oz of your chosen drink. The perfect size for carrying in a sporran.

If you decide to go with the Exclusive Mist Tartan Hip Flask, we recommend bringing a bottle of something to where you will be presenting your groomsmen with their gifts. This way you will be able to give them their inaugural fill. 

Sgian Dubh MacGregor and MacDuff

Personalised Thistle Handle Sgian Dubh

A sgian dubh is a necessary accessory for any kilt outfit so choosing to buy your groomsmen their own sgian dubh is a great idea. We like the Personalised Thistle Handle Sgian Dubh because it’s available in silver, brown and black which means it will match any outfit no matter what tartan is being worn. 

The real stainless steel blade is also perfect for engraving so you have the option of adding a personal message to each groomsmen on their sgian dubh. Sentimental gifts like a personalised sgian dubh will stay with your groomsmen for life and can be used any time they wear a kilt outfit.

Tartan Tie MacGregor and MacDuff

Exclusive Mist Tartan Tie

The perfect choice if your groomsmen are dressed in a Mist Outfit, these Exclusive Mist Tartan Ties are available in each of our Exclusive Mist Tartans and made from 100% wool. They will look great in the wedding day photos and can also be worn at future events or business occasions. 

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best gifts and that is why we think an Exclusive Mist Tartan Tie would be a great choice. 

QUAICHS MacGregor and MacDuff

Quaichs & Tankards

If you're looking for something a little different for a groomsmen gift, a quacich or a tankard might be what you need. 

A quaich is a traditional Scottish two handed drinking cup that is used to commemorate the joining of two families. This is a symbolic gift and will serve as an ornate reminder of your wedding day.

If you are looking for a more practical groomsmen gift than a tankard is the way to go. It can be used for drinking beer when the situation arises and can serve as an ornament to celebrate the memories of your wedding day when it's not.

Both a quaich and tankard are great choices as they can both be personalised with an engraved message. We have a range of quaichs and tankards available so be sure to check them all out. 

Grooms Gift MacGregor and MacDuff

If you’d like to see more of our groomsmen gifts be sure to check out our gifts and ideas selection on our website.

If you have any questions about our gifts range or would like help with planning your groomsmen outfits, get in touch by sending us an email to uk