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Our Style Favourites

Whether choosing a Highlandwear outfit for your wedding, your next event or because you’ve always wanted to own your very own, there are a lot of options to choose from. With over 4,000 tartans to choose from, a varied range of jacket styles and an array of accessories, at MacGregor and MacDuff, we have a kilt or trews outfit to match your style. To help you with your choice, we’ve asked our Stylists for some of their favourite Highlandwear Outfits. 

Lomond Grey Tweed Package
Available to hire or available to purchase from £850.

Inspired by the tranquil mists of one of Scotland’s most iconic locations, our Lomond Grey Tweed Package is a modern and sophisticated choice. 

Our Lomond Grey Tweed Package is a very popular choice with our customers thanks to its classic look with a contemporary twist. Our Lomond Grey Tweed Jacket has a minimalistic design that is easy to pair with a variety of tartans for a timeless look. Available to hire and to purchase, our Lomond Grey Tweed package is crafted in Scotland from the finest materials and comes with all of your essential Highlandwear accessories, including a Semi-Dress SporranReplica Sgian DubhKilt Pin and matching Tartan Flashes.

Trews Package with Argyll Jacket & Waistcoat
Available to purchase from £565.

Dating back to the 16th century, Tartan Trews are as intrinsically Scottish as Kilts and our Tartan Trews Package is a great alternative choice.


Tartan Trews differ from a traditional pair of trousers as, with a wide waistband and a fishtail back, the Trews sit a lot higher. An extremely versatile choice, our Tartan Trews can be dressed up or down for all manner of events and occasions. Made from 100% worsted wool, our Tartan Trews Package includes a stylish pair of Black Brogues and a formal yet modern Argyll Jacket & Waistcoat.

Signature Collection Jacket & Package
Jacket & Waistcoat from £650.
Signature Collection Package from £1,350.

Create a completely one-off design that is designed and tailored to be unique to you with our Signature Collection.

Our premium Signature Collection Package allows you to design each aspect of your Jacket & Waistcoat to suit your own style. Working with our Signature Stylist, our Signature Collection customers can choose each element of their jacket and waistcoat. From choosing the fabric and lining to the jacket collar, buttons and pockets, together we will craft your ultimate outfit. With your Signature Collection Package, you will also receive an 8-yard handmade kilt, where each stitch is expertly stitched by hand in Scotland by one of our master kiltmakers, a Dress Sporran, a Real Sgian Dubh, a Tartan Tie and all of your essential kilt accessories! 

You can find out more about our Signature Collection by emailing our Signature Stylist at 

Ghillie Shirt Package
Available hire or available to purchase from £550.

Our Ghillie Shirt Package offers a more relaxed and traditional style that is perfect for Ceilidhs or a summer wedding! 

Instantly identifiable thanks to the signature crisscrossed Ghillie lacing style on the shirt, our Ghillie Shirts are extremely light and breathable and are the perfect alternative to a more formal Kilt Jacket. Ghillie Shirts are also known as Jacobite or Jacbobean shirts due to their historic nature and are worn often with a Kilt Belt and Buckle for an eye-catching finishing touch. With Ghillie Shirts available in 3 colours, White, Cream or Black, there’s a Ghillie Shirt to complement whichever tartan you choose. 

If you have any queries or would like more information on any of our featured outfits, you can contact us at

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