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Modern Tweed Jackets

In the 1920’s tailors started advertising the Prince Charlie jacket as a modern and trendy jacket, perfect for young gentlemen. It quickly became the most popular option for kilt outfits but in recent years, the Prince Charlie has been knocked off its podium. While there will always be a place for the traditional and formal Prince Charlie jacket, tweed kilt jackets are now the modern, stylish option for kilt outfits. They are fantastically versatile and can be worn to all types of events.

Modern Tweed Jackets - MacGregor and MacDuff

Although it’s only within the last couple of decades that we have seen a shift towards tweed kilt jackets, they have been around for centuries. The history of using tweed for jackets or coats goes back to before the 1800's when Scottish farmers wore the material as it gave exceptional protection from the elements while still being breathable. Tweed then became popular among the upper classes of society and was frequently used for outdoor leisure activities such as shooting. Originally, it was called tweel (the Scots dialect word for twill) until a cloth merchant in London misread the label and called it tweed and the name stuck.

Tweed Kilt Jackets - MacGregor and MacDuff

Tweed kilt jackets have a more familiar suit style cut in comparison to traditional jackets and are comfortable to wear. Depending on the style, tweed kilt jackets can feature crail cuffs, twisted epaulets, chrome or horn buttons, moleskin collars and much more. That’s not even mentioning the huge variety of colours they are available in. When styling a kilt outfit with a tweed jacket, the options are quite literally endless which allows you to create your own unique highlandwear look.

From Lovat to Lomond, at MacGregor and Macduff we offer a range of tweed kilt jackets and waistcoats that are great for any occasion. Whether you are attending a wedding or a ceilidh, a burns supper or a Hogmanay party, our tweed kilt jackets are versatile enough for any event. They also pair brilliantly with tartan trews and trousers which we offer as an outfit package alongside our kilt outfits.

Kilt Jackets - MacGregor and MacDuff

We also offer our Signature Design package which allows you to design your very own jacket. This package is great for people who are looking to do something a little special and put their own signature touch to their outfit. Working closely with our in-house designer, you can choose each element of your jacket. This includes the outer material, colour, linings, buttons, button placements, collar material and even the thread used for your buttonhole. It’s a great way to express your personal taste and style. 

Modern Kilt Jackets - MacGregor and MacDuff

If you’d like to learn more or discuss any of our tweed kilt jackets, feel free to get in touch with us at