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MacGregor and MacDuff Goes Global

Our flights are booked, our bags are packed and we are once again heading across the pond this September and October. With our last visit to New York City a roaring success, we have decided to return to the big apple this year. Not only that, while on our travels, we will be stopping in Toronto for a week of kilt fittings. To say we are excited is an understatement, we are over the moon and simply can’t wait!

Macgregor and MacDuff is a Scottish master kiltmaker with a very Scottish name, but what most people don’t know is that we actually have international roots. Back in 1979, one of our founders, Mr. Scollin was actually an American businessman. He had a love for Scotland, its beauty, and its culture. Together with Mr. MacGregor, they began creating their vision of Scotland's premiere kilt shop. Over 40 years later, MacGregor is still here and now crossing international borders, bringing kilts, trews, tartan and everything highlandwear, to the world.

Highlandwear in New York and Toronto

Our international kilt fittings operate in the same way as our London and Manchester pop-ups do. Customers who are looking for high-quality highlandwear will initially register their interest in booking an appointment through our online forms. Our team will then get in touch with them to arrange a suitable time for them to come in and visit us. At their appointment, our expert stylist will get to know them and their requirements which they will then use to offer them a range of suitable highlandwear options. Our stylists will then discuss tartans and help them choose the perfect option for their outfit before they take their measurements

Kilts in New York

Once the fitting is complete, our stylists send all the details and choices back to our teams in Glasgow so we can get to work creating the outfit. With our Toronto and New York fittings it's vitally important that we get everything right the first time, so each order goes through a stringent quality control check and the package inventory is triple checked. From there everything is passed on to our international delivery partners who ensure its safe arrival at the customer's address. 

Kilts in Toronto

Our international kilt fitting services are a great way for ex-pats of people with Scottish heritage to get a real Scottish kilt fitting experience without having to travel to Scotland. There are an estimated 20 to 25 million people with Scottish heritage in America alone which is why we think our international services are so important. We can’t stand the thought of Scots not having access to real Scottish highlandwear.

International Kilt Fittings

At the end of September and the beginning of October, we will be in Toronto. This is the first stop on our international tour. This will also be the first time we visit Toronto which is why we are making sure we make a great first impression. Then later in October, we will be back in New York City for our second visit. While we got to meet so many of our New York friends the last time we were there, we know that there were some that we were unable to see, so we are very excited to go back. 

If you or anyone you know living in Toronto or NYC want to secure a fitting while we are in town, email us at and we will book you in.