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Ex-Hire Kilts

A kilt is often considered an investment as a well made one will last a lifetime. This is mainly down to what kilts are made from which is worsted wool. Worsted wool is one of the world's most durable fabrics and is naturally water resistant which historically made it the perfect material for kilts. Coupled with the expert craftsmanship of a kiltmaker, a kilt could indeed last a lifetime or even longer if cared for correctly. While kilts might be a great investment, they can be quite costly which doesn’t always fit in peoples budgets. 

Hiring is a great alternative to buying a kilt but there is something romantic about owning your very own kilt and not to mention the practicality of always having an outfit ready to be worn at a moment's notice. So what if you don’t want to hire a kilt but also want to make sure you don’t break the bank buying one?

Ex-Hire Highlandwear Ex-Hire - MacGregor and MacDuffWithout a doubt Ex-Hire kilts are the best option for people looking to own a kilt without spending a lot of money. At MacGregor and MacDuff we have a large selection of hire kilts and full outfits which we take a lot of pride in, offering superior hire products to our customers. For that reason, when kilts enter our hire range, they are only worn a limited number of times before they are retired into our ex-hire range. What this means is that our ex-hire range is full of high quality kilts, jackets and accessories that still have a lot of life left in them. 

The main difference between our ex-hire and new items is the price which is considerable. A full ex-hire outfit will cost a fraction in comparison to buying a new kilt outfit. The MacGregor and MacDuff ex-hire range is the perfect place to get a premium highlandwear look for a fraction of the price. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we would highly recommend checking out our online ex-hire range. New products are always being added so if you don’t see what you are looking for or we don’t have your size, give us a call on 0141 280 3398 or email and we can double check our warehouse. We also keep a wide selection of our ex-hire stock at our Dumbarton road store if you would prefer to see some of our range in person.

Ex-Hire Kilt Outfits Ex-Hire - MacGregor and MacDuffPlease be aware that not all ex-hire kilts are made equal. This article is referring to MacGregor and MacDuff ex-hire products only. We take a high level of care with our hire products and can therefore can only vouch for the quality of our own ex-hire products.