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Wilson Muted (Old and Rare)

Weight: TBC

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A Brief History of Clan Wilson

The Wilson Clan motto is Semper Vigilans (Always watchful) and the Wilson name is thought to have originated from the first Viking settlers in Scotland. The name is derived from the literal patronymic expression, son of William. The first record of Wilson was in the early 1400’s where John Wulson (Wilson) was in the service of Sir John of Montgomery. Michael Wilsoun was Burgess of Irvine and John Wilson was Burgess of Berwick. In the highlands, Clan Wilson would have been a sept of Clan Gunn or Clan Inness and would have been intricately connected to the larger Clans. 

One of the most notable people from Clan Wilson is Margaret Wilson. The 18 year old from the ancient county of Wigtown in the southwest of Scotland, was executed by drowning for refusing to swear an oath declaring James VII as head of the church. Margaret became famous because of her young age and was celebrated as a martyr and is known in history books as “The Wigtown Martyr”.

The Wilson tartan is available in Modern, Ancient and Old and Rare variants, all of which are predominantly red and green. Due to its historical Clan connection to Clan Innes and Clan Gunn, both Innes and Gunn tartans are available to Clan Wilson.