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Ramsay Modern Red (Jura)

Weight: 16oz

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A Brief History of Clan Ramsay

Clan Ramsay is one of Scotland's older Clans with the name first being documented in 1124 when Simon de Ramsay travelled north with the Earl of Huntingdon. Simon de Ramsay was granted lands in Lothian but the Clan over time spread throughout Scotland. 

The Ramsay Clan Mottos is “Ora Et Labora” which means “Pray and labour”. The Ramsay Clan has a history of being loyal fighters and helped maintain Robert Bruce's seat on the Scottish throne. Sir Alexander Ramsay of Dalhousie became a renowned knight of the fourteenth century for raising the siege of Dunbar in 1338, and for orchestrating sneak attacks against the English.

The Ramsay Clan has two main variations to their tartan. There is the traditional Ramsay modern and ancient tartans which are red and black and there is the Blue Ramsay variation which consists of Blue and black. Blue Ramsay is an available tartan in our hire range which works very well with a navy blue jacket like our Arran jacket, which is also available for hire.