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Logan Modern (Strome)

Weight: 16oz

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A Brief History of Clan Logan

The Logan Clan Motto is Hoc majorum virtus (This is the valour of my ancestors) and the Clan had two distinct branches, one lowland and one highland. The lowland branch is said to have descended from Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig who married a daughter of Robert II. In 1400 Sir Robert Logan became Admiral of Scotland, making the Clan one of national importance to the Scottish crown. 

The northern branch of Clan Logan are said to have been the descendants of the Logans of Druimdeurfait, in Easter Ross. The legend tells that the Clan Chief Gilligorm was killed in a battle against the Frasers and his baby’s back was broken to prevent him from growing into a warrior. Gilligans son was called Gille Fhinnein and grew up to be a monk but was allowed to have a wife. It’s said that Ghillie Fhinnein is where the MacLennan line started and this is why today the Logan and MacLennan tartans are shared between both Clans. 

The modern and ancient Logan Clan tartans mainly consist of reds and greens but there is also a weathered variant that uses slightly lighter and earthy colours. When searching for a Logan tartan you will often see MacLennan tartans and this is because the tartans are shared between both Clans. It is equally as appropriate for Logan to wear a MacLennan tartan as it is for a MacLennan to wear a Logan tartan.