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Isle of Skye (Strome)

Weight: 16oz

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A Brief History of Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is not a clan tartan but instead represents a district.

The tartan is made up of purple, brown and green with a light grey stripe. The tartan is meant to represent the beautiful misty scenery of the Isle of Sky with each colour representing a different element of the Isle. The purple represents flowering heather and the green is tribute to the lochs and surrounding sea. The brown represents the earth, hills and mountains, most notably the Cuillin Mountain Range. 

The Isle of Sky tartan is a fantastic choice for people who don’t want a tartan connected to a clan. The Queen wore the Isle of Skye tartan in 1999 during the first opening of the Scottish parliament which highlights the tartans elegance, popularity and flexibility. The Isle of Skye tartan is available to be made into a kilt, trews, trousers as well as all tartan accessories.