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Graham of Menteith Red (Jura)

Weight: 16oz

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A Brief History of Graham of Menteith

The Graham clan motto is “Ne Oublie” which translates to “Do not forget”.

The Grahams of Menteith were a western and important branch of Clan Graham. The history of the Grahams of Menteith began towards the end of the 14th century when Sir Patrick Graham of Dundaff, who was the second son of a chief of the Grahams, married Euphemia, the heiress of Prince David, Earl of Stratherne, son of King Robert II. Their son, Malise Graham was removed as Earl of Stratherne by King James I due to a disputed line of inheritance. Malise was instead granted the earldom of Menteith which was held for nine generations. 

The Graham of Menteith Clan tartan is made up of rich blues and greens in their modern and ancient variants. There are also red and weathered variations that move away from the classic colours. All of the Graham of Menteith variations would make for a great choice when it comes to choosing a tartan for your kilt.