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Buchanan Hunting Ancient (Strome)

Weight: 16oz

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A Brief History of Clan Buchanan

The Buchanan Clan motto is Clarior hinc honos (The Brighter Hence the Honour or Henceforth forward the honour shall grow ever brighter). Clan Buchanan is one of Scotland's oldest Highland Clans with historical records dating back to before 1016. It was also one of Scotland’s oldest, with more than 50 septs or affiliated families.

Clan Buchanan lands originally stretched from the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, north to Ben Lomond and east to Stirling but over the centuries this grew and changed. As such an old Clan, its origins are somewhat difficult to prove but the general consensus is that the Chiefly lineage started with Anselan O Kyan who was a provincial King of north Ulster. He was given land by King Malcolm II in 1016 for his services against the Danes.

Clan Buchanan’s history is packed with colorful stories of battles, allegiances, and betrayals but possibly one of the more interesting tales is of its connection to the infamous William Wallace. 

Sir John of Menteith, Sheriff of Dumbarton Castle is known for having betrayed William Wallace which led to his arrest and imprisonment by King Edward I of England on 5 Aug 1305. For his betrayal, Sir John of Menteith was imprisoned by King Robert of Scotland but was released thanks to his son-in-laws influence. His Son in Law was Sir Maurice Buchanan, the 10th Buchanan. Sir John of Menteith went on to fight at the Battle of Bannockburn on behalf of the Scottish Crown and was even a signatory on the Declaration of Arbroath.

The Buchanan Clan tartan is a colourful tartan featuring reds, greens and yellows. There is also a range of modern. ancient, hunting and weathered variants. As one of Scotland’s oldest Clans, the Buchanan tartan holds a lot of history and significance. A great choice for a highlandwear outfit whether you are a Buchanan or not.