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Arran Mist (Exclusive)

Weight: 13oz

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A Brief History of Arran Mist

In 2016 Arran Mist was launched and became the fourth tartan to be entered into the Mist tartan range, which is exclusive to MacGregor and MacDuff. Arran Mist is a contemporary tartan and has no connection to any specific clan history.

Arran Mist was inspired by the famous landscapes of the Isle of Arran. Arran is often referred to as “Scotland in Miniature” due to its rich history and Island scenery. Deep navy blues honour the sea that surrounds the Island, and accents of grey and brown represent the granite peaks and deep glens. Arran Mist is a fantastic tartan to wear and is easily paired with a range of jackets. Arran Mist works particularly well with brown accessories and our exclusive Arran Tweed jacket and waistcoat.