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The History of the Kilt

1500’s Féileadh-Mór 

The wearing of a one piece belted garment evolves in Scotland, known as  the ‘Great Kilt’.


The beginning of wearing only the bottom half of the great kilt, creating the kilt as we know it today.

1746 - 1782

The wearing of the kilt is banned after the Jacobite uprising.  During the ban the Scottish regiments were allowed to continue wearing kilts, except when they went on leave in Scotland!


In his writings, Sir Walter Scott, the historical novelist, created an aura of romance and mystique around the Scottish Highlander. Scott was instrumental in organising the first kilt wearing monarch’s visit to Scotland, King George IV.


The kilt has seen many changes over the course of history, and faced a lot of issues, it is now an iconic piece of Scottish heritage and is celebrated formal wear.

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