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Afallon/Avalon (Welsh)

Afallon (Avalon)
Weight: TBC

Tartan Samples

Tartan samples are a great way to help you decide which tartan you prefer. To order a tartan sample, click here.

A Brief History of Tartan

A symbol of Scotland's heritage. Originally born as a way to identify where you came from, Scots would use natural resources, including berries, seaweed and bark, found locally to dye the yarns that would make up their tartan. This is how the first incarnation of the famous Clan and District tartans began. Those tartans quickly became synonymous with Scots and the Highland way of life. 

In the aftermath of the Jacobite Rising in 1746, the British Parliament outlawed the wearing of traditional Highlandwear in the hopes of quashing Scottish pride. Although tartan wasn’t officially banned during this time, with the main outlet for tartan being outlawed, it’s almost certain that some tartans disappeared from existence. This was repealed in 1782 and tartan was adopted as Scotland's symbolic national dress. 

Tartan has been on a historical journey, from the processes to the reasons behind wearing it. Today, tartan is not only a huge part of Scotland’s heritage, it is also a key and constant part of modern-day fashion. MacGregor and MacDuff are proud to honour the history of tartan, with over 4,000 tartans to choose from.