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Why choose an online appointment?

Buying a kilt has always been a fairly involved process with trips to the kilt store to browse through the tartan books, as well as getting those all important measurements taken. This process has been the same for hundreds of years up until relatively recently. With the accessibility of the internet these days, the need to physically go into a kilt store has become less of a necessity and more of an option. Today you can visit our online shop and buy a full kilt outfit without ever stepping into one of our stores or pop-up shops. It’s especially handy for Scots living abroad as decent traditional kiltmakers outside of Scotland can be hard to find.

Why Choose An Online Appointment - MacGregor and MacDuffThe benefits of being able to shop online for your kilt outfit are endless but quite often people miss the personal touch that they would normally get from dealing with a kiltmaker in person. Whether that be for the assurance that the measurements taken will be correct or even just to have someone on hand to answer any questions. That’s why we recently launched our Online Appointments service that aims to bridge the gap between the convenience of buying online and the personal touch of visiting a store. 

Online appointments are conducted through video call and the entire process of buying your kilt or kilt outfit is carried out with one of our expert stylists. This includes talking through each element of your outfit, tartan choice as well as guiding you through the self measuring steps. This ensures that you receive all the best information to help choose the right options as well as minimising any possibility of making any measurement mistakes. 

Online Appointments - MacGregor and MacDuffAn added advantage of attending an online appointment is you are offered customisation options that aren’t available online. This includes kilt strap options that allow you to pick the colour, design and metal finish of the straps. We also offer embroidery options which allow you to have your initials or a custom message stitched to your outfit or one of our made-to-order accessories. Having the opportunity to add custom options like this is a great way of putting your own flare of personal style into your outfit.

Online Kilt Fitting- MacGregor and MacDuffWhen you buy a kilt outfit you will have it for a very long time so it’s not only important that you get all the measurements right but also you get an outfit that’s right for you. The support and guidance you receive from an online appointment will make sure that happens and before you know it you’ll be wearing the perfect highlandwear outfit at your next event. Online appointments are free to anyone making a purchase and are available from 10am - 5pm GMT Monday - Sunday. You can either call us on 0141 280 3398 to book or fill out the form on our Online Appointments page and we will be in touch with you to confirm dates.