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What to wear with Trews and Trousers

Tartan Trews and Trousers have grown in popularity over the years thanks to their quintessential Scottishness and their practicality. Trews, known as “Triubhas” in Gaelic, date back to the 16th century and were created as a more weather resistant alternative to kilts thanks to covering each leg in their entirety and not just down to the knee. Some people still choose to wear tartan trews or trousers these days for the same reason but it’s also because tartan trews and trousers are able to convey the same level of Scottishness as a kilt but in a more practical way. Tartan trews and trousers are also slightly more understated than a kilt which may be preferable at certain events where you don’t want the added attention that a kilt might bring, especially if you are the only one not wearing a traditional suit. 

On top of being quintessentially Scottish and practical, tartan trews and trousers are versatile. What you choose to wear with your trews and trousers will allow them to be dressed for formal occasions and dressed down for more casual events. 

Tartan Trews - MacGregor and MacDuff

For formal events, you can’t go wrong with a traditional Prince Charlie jacket and 3 button waistcoat or an Argyle jacket and 5 button waistcoat. Both jackets are traditional formal jackets and look great with a pair of tartan trews or trousers. As both jackets are black, it’s recommended that you wear black brogues and a white shirt with this outfit combination. You can choose to either pair with a black bow tie or go for a more contemporary tartan bow tie to match your trews and trousers.

Trews and Trousers - MacGregor and MacDuff

For more casual events, a tweed jacket and waistcoat is the perfect choice. Tweed jackets are more contemporary and have a similar cut to a modern suit style jacket. Tweed jackets and waistcoats are available in a range of different colours, like our Arran Jacket which is navy and our Lomond Jacket which is grey, giving you more flexibility with your look. If you really want to express your personal style, you could even choose to design your own jacket and waistcoat with our Signature Jacket and Waistcoat package. This option allows you to choose the fabric and lining of your jacket and waistcoat as well as pick the finer details like button type and placement. The colour of tweed jacket you choose will dictate what colour shoes you wear with your outfit. Whether you decide on brown or black, we always recommend wearing a pair of leather brogues. As a tweed jacket and waistcoat is a more casual option, you can choose to wear a bow tie or straight tie in a colour that matches your jacket or in tartan to match your trews or trousers.

Whatever you choose to wear with your tartan trews or trousers, we can help. Visit our jackets and waistcoat collection on our website and contact if you need any assistance.