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The History of the Kilt Pin

Kilt Pins are the perfect decorative addition to your kilt, complementing your sgian dubh and sporran for the ultimate coordinated look. However, having only been around since the Victorian Era, kilt pins are the newest addition to the highlandwear outfit, relatively speaking! This week, we’re taking a look at the noble kilt pin and the history behind it.

The beginnings...

Although the date is disputed, the origin story of the kilt pin is a popular one and it’s all because of Queen Victoria herself! On a particularly windy day, Queen Victoria was carrying out an inspection of soldiers at Balmoral Castle, when one soldier was having some difficulty dealing with the issues caused by the elements. It’s said that the Queen then removed her Brooch and pinned it to the soldier’s kilt to weigh the kilt down enough to prevent any further embarrassment! Shortly afterwards, Queen Victoria introduced a new rule that stated all military kilts must be fastened with a pin and ever since then, the kilt pin has been a key part of the kilt outfit.

Although kilt pins, like many aspects of the kilt outfit, started as a functional accessory, they quickly became decorative. In the Victorian era, kilt pins were seen as another way for kilt wearers to display their wealth and kilt pins becoming exceedingly extravagant. Now, with so many different kilt pins available, there’s a kilt pin to suit any style of outfit!

How should a kilt pin be worn?

A kilt pin is fastened to the top layer of your kilt only, never through several layers of your kilt as this could lead to your kilt being damaged. The kilt pin is usually placed on the bottom right hand corner of your kilt, the fringed open section, and is typically placed 2 pattern squares over and up from the edge of the fabric. Kilt pins do still serve the functional purpose of providing extra weight to the front of your kilt to help the kilt sit better. We also recommend your kilt pin complements your kilt accessories, such as your sporran and sgian dubh, for a stylish, coordinated finish.

A Decorative Addition

With kilt pins available in a range of finishes, including antique, black and chrome, and in a number of designs, we have a striking kilt pin to suit any style. For that distinctly memorable look, we have eye-catching kilt pins such as our Horn Kilt Pin, or for a more modern look, we have our Wooden Kilt Pins. For that extra special personal touch, we also offer Clan Crest Kilt Pins for a celebration of your heritage!

A memorable kilt pin can be the perfect addition to your ultimate kilt outfit. Get in touch with our Communication Team at if you have any questions regarding our vast collection of kilt pins.