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Tartan Shawls and Stoles - What's the difference?

A growing trend is for brides and wedding guests to add a shawl or stole to their outfit in a matching tartan to their partner's kilt. A tartan stole or shawl is the perfect accessory to add a touch of tartan to any outfit no matter the occasion but what is the difference between the two options?

MacGregor and MacDuff sell both tartan shawls and stoles which are made from 100% worsted wool. They are available in a choice of over 4,000 different tartans which means you’ll be able to match them to any kilt or colour scheme. Where both shawls and stoles may look similar, there are a couple key differences that you should know about before making your choice.

Tartan Stole - MacGregor and MacDuff

Tartan Stoles

Tartan Stoles are a long piece of tartan fabric which are rectangular in shape. A stole is worn loosely over the shoulders with each end of the fabric draped over the inside of the arms. A stole is a very elegant look and is a great addition to any outfit worn to formal events. 

Tartan Shawl - MacGregor and MacDuff

Tartan Shawls

Tartan Shawls are large square pieces of tartan fabric which are folded corner to corner to form a triangle. Tartan Shawls are also worn loosely over the shoulders with the ends draped inwards over the arms. Folding the shawl from corner to corner creates a stylish triangle shape that hangs over the back. Tartan shawls are a slightly less formal option compared to tartan stoles. Shawls can also be worn over the head as a shield from the rain or cold. 

Shawls and Stoles are perfect for adding an elegant touch of tartan to an outfit. With both being available in a choice of over 4,000 tartans, you’ll be able to find the perfect matching option for any event. Tartan Shawls and Stoles are also a great solution for adding an extra layer to your outfit during the colder winter months.

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