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Our Partnership With Islay Mist Whisky

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Islay Mist whisky.

When people think of Scotland, more often that not, two of the first things that spring to mind are whisky and tartan. Both are synonymous with Scottish history, heritage and tradition, which is why our partnership with Islay Mist whisky would have always been a great decision. However, the fact that one of our exclusive Mist tartans is named Islay Mist, made this pairing a match made in Scottish heaven.

Islay Mist Whisky and Tartan - MacGregor and MacDuff

Islay Mist whisky was founded in 1927 to celebrate the 21st birthday of the son and heir of Lord Margadale. It was created for guests arriving from the mainland as typical Islay single malts were considered too heavy. Laphroaig single malt was blended with a range of high quality Highland malts and balanced with Lowland grain whisky, which created what we now know as Islay Mist whisky. Over the past 94 years Islay Mist whisky has won numerous awards and is proudly the only blended whisky which can include ‘Islay’ in its name.

Islay Mist Bottle - MacGregor and MacDuff

Created in-house and officially launched in 2019, our Islay Mist tartan is our fifth exclusive tartan. Islay Mist tartan was inspired by the breath-taking landscapes and sunsets from one of the most iconic Hebridean Islands, the Isle of Islay. The tartan was expertly designed with ocean shades of grey and blue, deep purples and lifted with a line of rosewater, paying homage to the scenery of its namesake. Our Islay Mist tartan has become one of our most popular across both our hire and sales range.

Islay Mist Sporran - MacGregor and MacDuff

To celebrate our new partnership with Islay Mist whisky, each sporran that is part of an Islay Mist outfit hire or purchase, will contain a miniature bottle of Islay Mist whisky as well as a 10% discount voucher to redeem off a tartan bottling Islay Mist whisky. For a short time, Islay Mist whisky bottles will feature our Islay Mist tartan on the label. These bottles are limited and will be great collector items as well as gifts for people who have or will be getting married in an Islay Mist outfit.

Islay Mist Minatures - MacGregor and MacDuff

Have you walked past any of our stores recently? If you have you will have noticed our Islay Mist tartan takeover. We thought it would be fitting to deck our window displays with an Islay Mist theme. When you walk past our store windows Bath Street, Dumbarton Road and Prestwick you’ll see mannequins wearing our favourite Islay Mist outfits. From Islay Mist kilt outfits to Islay Mist trews outfits to accessories like a Islay Mist scarf, pocket squares and matching caps, our windows fully kitted out. You’ll also notice a couple of bottles of Islay Mist whisky as well as a whisky barrel or two in our Prestwick windows.

We are very excited for all that is in store with this new partnership and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Click here for  more information on our Islay Mist whisky partnership and if you have any questions or want to know more email us at

Isay Mist Prestwick - MacGregor and MacDuff

Islay Mist Bath Street - MacGregor and MacDuff

Islay Mist Dumbarton Rd - MacGregor and MacDuff