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London Kilt Fittings 2022

Kilt Fittings In London 

After all the restrictions, postponements, and cancellations over the past couple of years, it’s been brilliant seeing so many weddings and events finally getting to go ahead. Our shops have never been busier, filled with smiling, excited faces, and the same has been seen at our pop-up kilt fitting service in London.

Kilt Fittings London - MacGregor and MacDuff

We started our London Kilt Fitting Service back in 2015 to make sure the 8.9 million people in the city had access to quality, traditional Scottish highlandwear. I’m sure we all know someone who lives in London and we would want to see them in some tartan when they finally come back to Scotland for that special occasion. Well, since 2015 they can do just that without even leaving Shoreditch. 

London Kilt Fittings

Where are our London kilt fittings? 

The London service is a pop-up which means we aren’t always down there, but for 2 weekends a month we set up shop in the Courthouse Hotel. It’s designed for people who are looking to either buy or hire highlandwear and want to be professionally measured and guided through their options by one of our stylists. The service is by appointment only which allows our stylists to get to know each customer and really spend some time understanding their requirements. Appointments usually last no longer than an hour, which is more than enough time to walk each customer through all their options, from tartan choice to jacket style to accessories matching. There's even enough time to ensure the perfect fit with a professional measuring.

London Kilt Fittings - MacGregor and MacDuff

Once the customers leave their appointment, their choices and measurements are sent back to our HQ in Glasgow and our kiltmakers get to work. Once everything has been crafted and passed our strict quality control process, it’s all packaged up and sent to wherever the customer needs it. Our London kilt fitting service has become so well known that even people from outside the UK have planned trips to London around our fitting dates to make sure they can see us. This is fine with us as we can ship our outfits anywhere in the world, we just want you to look your best at your next event.

Kilt Fittings London

Whether you are looking for a full kilt outfit that you can cherish for a lifetime, a highlandwear hire for a weekend, a pair of tartan trews for everyday wear, or simply just a new kilt jacket to replace your old one, come see us next time we are down in London. Learn more and book a traditional kilt shop experience in Shoreditch by clicking here. Alternatively, you can email us at