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Ex-Hire Bargains

A lot of people are first introduced to MacGregor and MacDuff through our hire range. From formal outfits like the Prince Charlie to more contemporary options like our tweed range, we have an outfit to hire for any occasion. With kilt hire being such a large part of the business, we strive to make sure that our hire items are always in top-notch condition. For that reason, our hire items only spend a short time in service before being retired into our ex-hire range.

Ex-hire Kilts What to expect from our ex-hire range

Our kilt ex-hire range is constantly being updated. When a hire product comes back to us after an event, it is inspected and a decision on whether or not it is kept in service or moved into ex-hire is made. This means that new kilts, jackets and accessories are added to ex-hire all the time and because our standards are very high for our hire range, when items are moved into ex-hire they still have a lot of life left in them. This means that you can pick up high-quality highlandwear items for much less than if you were to buy new.

Ex-hire HighlandwearEx-Display VS Ex-Hire

If you’ve had a look at our ex-hire range online recently you’ll have noticed a few kilts in there that weren’t previously in our hire range. We classify these kilts as ex-display and even though these kilts are in our ex-hire section, they have never actually been worn outside of our stores. These kilts come from a number of different places. Some are actually ex-display which means they have been made to be worn by a mannequin in store and others are from our returns and canceled stock. These kilts have been made for customers but for one reason or another were never collected, meaning they too have never been worn outside of our stores. These kilts are especially good value as they are brand-new kilts for ex-hire prices. If you see one of these kilts on our website in your size, jump at the opportunity and grab yourself an absolute steal.

Ex-hire Kilts OnlineBuying an Ex-Hire Kilt Online

When it comes to buying an ex-hire kilt, it’s best if you know your measurements. We have a useful guide that explains how to take your measurements at home, so make sure you follow this before ordering your ex-hire kilt. In the ex-hire section on our website, you are able to filter the different products by size. On the left-hand side of the ex-hire kilts section, choose your waist size by clicking on the box. Doing this will show all of the options we have in your waist size. The next step is checking that the kilt will fit your length. For ex-display kilts, all of the measurements of the kilt are displayed in the product description but for ex-hire kilts, you will need to use the drop-down to see all available sizes. Ex-hire kilt descriptions give you a length measurement as well as a suitable height range. This gives you an added indication of whether or not the kilt length will work for you. If you don’t see your size listed on the website, it’s always best to give us a call to double-check our stock. As mentioned previously, with ex-hire stock being added all the time, a kilt in your size may already be available but hasn’t been added to the website yet.

Ex-hire Highlandwear Online

Ex-hire is a fantastic way to get a great quality kilt for a fraction of the cost. If owning a kilt is something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t wanted to pay the price of a new kilt, consider an ex-hire option because you won’t be disappointed. To enquire about stock in your size, call 0141 280 3398 or email