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Eilidh & Stuart’s Big Day

Eilidh and Stuart recently got married at the Seamill Hydro in Ayrshire and from the photos, it looked like the perfect day.

Eilidh & Stuart’s Big DayStuart wore Arran Mist for his big day. He mentioned to us that he wanted a tartan that worked for a spring wedding and had always liked our Arran Mist tartan, so the decision was fairly simple for him. He also chose to hire from our Prestwick store which was ideal as it’s just a stone's throw away from their wedding venue.

Eilidh & Stuart’s Big DayWe are always curious as to what makes grooms choose MacGregor and MacDuff for their wedding outfits. We know that we have a huge selection of outfit colours and styles and that our wedding party coordinators are second to none, but each groom has a different answer, which is why we ask them. This is what Stuart said. “Love the tartan and always had good customer experiences.”

Eilidh & Stuart’s Big DayWe really take pride in our customer service and try to give each customer the best experience possible. Stuart said that the service he received throughout was brilliant, which is really great to hear. It’s so important to deal with passionate, knowledgeable people when buying or hiring a kilt or full highlandwear outfit, especially when the outfit is for your own wedding.

Eilidh & Stuart’s Big DayAt MacGregor and MacDuff we tend to just assume that all Scottish grooms will choose to wear a kilt outfit for their big day but often we are reminded that this isn’t the case. For some, a kilt isn’t the right choice which is why we offer tartan trews and trousers as they are great alternatives to kilts while still incorporating tartan to an outfit. For Stuart however, when asked why he chose to wear a kilt, he said, “Always a kilt to any wedding or function but especially a Scottish wedding.”

Eilidh & Stuart’s Big Day

Like many grooms, Stuart decided to have his groomsmen dressed in the same outfit as him but chose to wear a different colour sporran and a tartan tie. He also opted to wear a plaid which is another great way for a groom to stand out from his groomsmen, as well as the rest of the congregation.

Eilidh & Stuart’s Big Day

It’s not easy organising your own outfit for the big day but having to organise your groomsmen’s outfits too can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Trying to make sure they all get measured properly, arranging a subtitle time for all of you to be in one place, and sometimes it’s made even harder if you all live in different cities. That’s where our wedding coordinators come in, they take away all the stress by coordinating with all of you individually to make sure everyone is measured and organised in good time. Stuart managed to get all of his groomsmen to come into the store together. An impressive feat, but from what he has told us, we’re pretty sure there was the promise of pints afterwards. Stuart thanked his best guys at the wedding by gifting each of them a matching Arran Mist hip flask.

Eilidh & Stuart’s Big Day

We asked Stuart what the best part of the day was and he replied, “Not messing up my vows and seeing my wife for the first time.” A great answer if you ask us because it’s easy to forget about the amount of pressure that is on the bride and groom. 

Eilidh & Stuart’s Big Day

As we do with all newlyweds, we asked Stuart what advice he has for future couples. “Take your time and enjoy the day as it goes in so fast!” These words have been echoed a few times by other grooms so it’s important to take note. Enjoy the day while it’s there because before you know it, it will all just be a beautiful memory.

If your wedding is coming up and you need help organising your wedding outfits, email us at to get in touch with our wedding party coordinators.

Photographer - Cara Frew