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Clans of the Month November

Clan Baird

What is the Clan Baird motto?

The Clan Baird motto is Dominus Fecit (The lord made).

What is the origin of Clan Baird?

The first recorded mention of the name was in 1178 when Henry De Barde was witness to a charter granted by William the Lion to the Bishop of Glasgow. Popular legend suggests that the first Baird in Scotland supposedly saved William the Lion from a wild boar whilst on a hunt and as thanks, was given land in Lanarkshire. However, there are no official records to prove this tale. 

Where was Clan Baird land?

The Bairds could be found across Scotland but the main Baird family held the lands of Auchmedden in Aberdeenshire. When they married into the Keith family, the Bairds became one of the most powerful Clans in Scotland. Thomas the Rhymer, a Scottish laird and reputed prophet from Earlston in the Borders, famously predicted that as long as Auchmedden was home to the Bairds, there would be eagles nesting in the nearby cliffs. Curiously, when the lands passed out of Baird hands, the eagles did in fact stop nesting in the area and only returned when a Baird was married back into the land's ownership. 

What does the Baird tartan look like?

The Baird tartan is available in modern and ancient variations. Both tartans mainly consist of blues and greens and both have a flash of purple that run throughout the tartan. The ancient version of the tartan is much lighter than the modern but both are great choices as they will match a wide range of outfits and accessories. 


Clan Cameron of Erracht

Cameron of Erracht - MacGregor and MacDuff

What is the Clan Cameron of Erracht motto?

The Camerons of Erracht were a minor noble branch of Clan Cameron and therefore share the same Clan motto which is Aonaibh Ri Chéile (Unite" or "Let Us Unite). 

What is the origin of Clan Cameron of Erracht?

The first of the Cameron of Erracht line was Ewen Cameron who was born in the late 15th century and was the son of Ewen Cameron, XIII of Lochiel, chief of Clan Cameron. The Cameron of Erracht family were referred to as “Sliochd Eoghainn'ic Eoghainn” which was gaelic for “the children of Ewan”.

Who was Donald Cameron?

During the Battle of Culloden, Donald Cameron, the second Laird of Erracht, was second in command of the Camerons. After the battle, Donald Cameron wandered the highlands for three years in an effort to avoid being caught and punished by the British government. Eventually he went on to marry Marjory MacLean of Drimnin in Morven. His marriage produced the famous Sir Alan Cameron who was a Scottish soldier who, at his own expense in 1793, raised the 79th Regiment of Foot (Cameron Highlanders).

What does the Cameron of Erracht tartan look like?

The Cameron of Erracht tartans are available in modern, ancient, weathered and muted variations. The tartans predominantly feature reds, greens, yellows and blues with the exception of the weathered which includes a brown and has slightly lighter tones. 


Hebridean Salmon

Hebridean Salmon - MacGregor and MacDuff

What is Hebridean Salmon?

Hebridean Salmon is a contemporary tartan and is not connected to a specific Clan. The tartan is classified as a universal tartan, meaning it can be worn by anyone without any links to a Scottish family or district. The Hebridean Salmon tartan was created to celebrate Scotland and more specifically, the world famous Hebridean salmon.

What does Hebridean Salmon tartan look like?

The Hebridean Salmon tartan colours consist of earthy browns which represent the peat of the Hebrides that is often used to smoke fish and other Scottish delicacies. The browns are lifted by a flash of pink which represents the tender meat of Hebridean salmon. This tartan is a great choice for people looking for a contemporary tartan with no connection to a Scottish Clan. 


Clan Logan

Logan  - MacGregor and MacDuff

What is the Clan Logan motto?

The Logan Clan Motto is Hoc majorum virtus (This is the valour of my ancestors).

Where was Clan Logan land?

The Clan had two distinct branches, one lowland and one highland. The lowland branch is said to have descended from Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig who married a daughter of Robert II. In 1400 Sir Robert Logan became admiral of Scotland, making the Clan one of national importance to the Scottish crown. The northern branch of Clan Logan are said to have been the descendants of the Logans of Druimdeurfait, in Easter Ross. 

What is the link between Clan Logan and Clan MacLennan?

Legend tells that the northern Logans Clan Chief Gilligorm was killed in a battle against the Frasers and his baby’s back was broken to prevent him growing into a warrior. Gilligorms son was called Gille Fhinnein and he grew up to be a monk but was allowed to have a wife. It’s said that Ghillie Fhinnein is where the MacLennan line started and this is why today the Logan and MacLennan tartans are shared between both Clans. 

What does the Logan tartan look like?

The modern and ancient Logan Clan tartans mainly consist of reds and greens but there is also a weathered variant that uses slightly lighter and earthy colours. When searching for a Logan tartan you will often see MacLennan tartans and this is because the tartans are shared between both Clans. It is equally as appropriate for Logan to wear a MacLennan tartan as it is for a MacLennan to wear a Logan tartan.


Clan Wilson

Wilson - MacGregor and MacDuff

What is the Clan Wilson motto?

The Wilson Clan motto is Semper Vigilans (Always watchful). 

What is the origin of Clan Wilson?

The Wilson name is thought to have originated from the first Viking settlers of Scotland. The name is derived from the literal patronymic expression, son of William. The first record of Wilson was in the early 1400’s where John Wulson was in the service of Sir John of Montgomery. Michael Wilsoun was Burgess of Irvine and John Wilson was Burgess of Berwick. In the highlands, Clan Wilson would have been a sept of Clan Gunn or Clan Inness.

Who was The Wigtown Martyr?

One of the most notable people from Clan Wilson is Margaret Wilson. The 18 year old from the ancient county of Wigtown in the south-west of Scotland, was executed by drowning for refusing to swear an oath declaring James VII as head of the church. Margaret became famous because of her young age and was celebrated as a martyr and is known in history books as “The Wigtown Martyr”.

What does the Wilson tartan look like?

The Wilson tartan is available in modern, ancient and old and rare variants, all of which are predominantly red and green. Due to its historical Clan connection to Clan Innes and Clan Gunn, both Innes and Gunn tartans are available to Clan Wilson.