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Risk Assessment COVID-19

As a business we have addressed the risks of COVID-19, using government guidance to inform our decisions and control measures -

  • We are increasing the frequency of our handwashing and surface cleaning in all locations
  • Every reasonable effort has been made to enable working from home as a first option
  • All our locations are making every reasonable effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government
  • We have assessed our team with particular regard to whether staff members are especially vulnerable to COVID-19
  • The health and safety of our customers is paramount and we have introduced systems and processes to minimise the contact resulting from visits to our stores. Social distancing, limitation of customer numbers in-store at any one time, access to hand sanitiser, encouraging customers to shop alone, appointment system introduced to manage customer traffic and eradicate queuing or waiting areas, designated floor positions from which our team can provide advice or assistance, informing customers that they should be wearing a face covering and supplying face coverings to customers if required, all staff members will be wearing a face covering and all staff members will be temperature tested before beginning their work day
  • We have revised the pick-up and drop-off collection points and procedures of our inbound and outbound goods
  • Due to the ever evolving nature of the COVID-19 guidelines, we have set-up a COVID-19 task team which will regularly review our procedures and conduct risk assessments to maintain a safe workplace during this pandemic