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What to Expect at your New York City Kilt Fitting

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You will have a personalised appointment with one of our experienced stylists; who will be there to assist and advise you on choosing every element of your kilt outfit.

The fitting will begin by sipping on a wee dram of one of Scotland's finest whiskies, whilst discussing which tartan you would like to go for. MacGregor and MacDuff have an extensive range of tartans to choose from, so don’t worry if you haven’t made your final decision yet! Once the tartan has been decided on, an array of jackets will be offered to you. Our stylist will assist you in choosing a jacket which will perfectly suit your chosen tartan. There are then an assortment of kilt accessories to choose from; which not only complete, but will compliment your outfit.

After your perfect outfit has been decided on, we will then take your measurements. MacGregor and MacDuff’s stylists are not only professionally trained in measuring for a kilt outfit, but they also have years of experience in the industry. This will ensure that when you receive your outfit, it will be a perfect fit.

The fitting will take no longer than an hour, and once complete the details of your order will be sent back to our head office in Glasgow, Scotland. It will then take roughly 8 -10 weeks to get your outfit ready. Once complete and passing our strict quality control check, it will be packaged and sent with an international courier.

If you have any questions about the New York Fitting Service please email

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About MacGregor & MacDuff

MacGregor and MacDuff are Scottish Highlandwear specialists with locations in Glasgow, Ayrshire, London, Manchester and now, New York City. Master Kiltmakers, MacGregor and MacDuff, have a selection of kilts, jackets, sporrans and accessories showcasing world-class Scottish craftsmanship. With over 40 years experience in the Highlandwear industry, MacGregor and MacDuff are proud to use traditional kiltmaking skills and techniques passed down and refined through generations of kiltmaking.

MacGregor and MacDuff have their own connections with the US, making the New York City kilt shop even more exciting! Founded in 1979 by two men, one a Scottish kiltmaker and one, an American businessman with a love of Scottish heritage. In 2005, MacGregor and MacDuff went global with the very first international sale: a Prince Charlie kilt jacket to a customer in America. MacGregor and MacDuff pride themselves on superior quality, attention to detail and outstanding customer service which have led to the business becoming a global success.

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New York Come and visit!
130 West 57th Street Suite 2B, 2nd Floor Between 6th & 7th Ave New York, 10019

Appointments take place from 11am - 8pm. Located in the heart of Manhattan, just half a block away from 57th Street Subway Station.