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Islay Mist (Exclusive)

Weight: 13oz

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A Brief History of Islay Mist

In 2019 Islay Mist was launched and became the fifth exclusive tartan to enter MacGregor and MacDuff’s Mist tartan range. Islay Mist is a contemporary universal tartan, meaning that there is no association with a Scottish clan and can be worn by anyone.

Islay Mist is a versatile tartan that celebrates and pays homage to the breathtaking beauty of the Isle of Islay. The tartan has been woven with ocean shades of grey and blue, deep purples, and expertly lifted with a line of rosewater for a unique and contemporary design. Islay Mist is arguably one of the most versatile tartans in the Mist range as it can be styled with a huge range of jackets and accessories.