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Weddings by MacGregor & MacDuff - Signature Style

We were excited when future Paralympian Martin Perry visited our Glasgow West End Store looking to design the perfect outfit for his wedding in December. Martin worked closely with our Specialist Jacket Designer to create his Signature Jacket & Waistcoat.

We caught up with Martin after the big day to find out more about the inspiration behind his outfit and the wedding as a whole.

Where did you get married and why did you choose that venue?

We got married at MacDonald Forest Hills Hotel, Kinlochard. It was actually the first venue we looked at in person. We both fell in love with the surrounding scenery and the drive to the venue was beautiful, we knew it was the venue we wanted.

What was your favourite part of wedding planning?

For me the best part of the wedding planning was actually picking my outfit. My wife had no idea what tartan I was going to pick or what style of jacket etc. A lot of our decisions came together through our communication as a team and we let each other have an individual say on the outfits and we had a lot of fun trying to guess what each of us would wear.

Can you talk us through your outfit?

I picked the Muted Forbes tartan. The Muted Forbes is a variant of my wife’s family tartan and I thought it was a great gesture to show the joining of our families. I paired the kilt with a navy tweed jacket & waistcoat and both were fitted with wonderfully unique antler buttons as well as a fantastic sporran and navy kilt socks.

Martin Perry's MacGregor & MacDuff Signatuere Outfit

What inspired the design for your jacket & waistcoat?

I’m quite an outgoing person and I felt that the tweed jacket and waistcoat added a bit of character to the outfit. If you look closely the tweed has a lovely red fleck through and I loved it as soon as I was shown the sample, I knew I wanted it.

Why did you choose a highlandwear outfit over a suit?

I’m Scottish! For me their was no other option. I’ve always envisioned myself being married in a kilt, so I’m glad I was able to make it happen.

What was your favourite aspect of wearing a kilt?

My favourite part of wearing the kilt was actually pulling on my jacket and heading downstairs to greet the guests. Pulling on the jacket made everything seem real. It made the nerves, good nerves may I add, kick in and it really started to feel like it was a special day. It was a late service so I just chilled for the most part. However once the jacket was on, the mood changed.

Were any of the groomsmen or other party members in kilts/highlandwear?

I think around 90% of all the males that attended the wedding wore kilts and it was great to see so many different tartans and clans represented, it added a very colourful touch to the wedding. My best man and I had fun selecting his outfit but besides him I had no idea so many different kilts and tartans would be on display.

Martin Perry Wedding Kilts

Did you incorporate tartan into any other part of your wedding?

My wife and I must’ve had a telepathic connection. We had no idea about each other’s outfit, yet for the evening of the wedding which for some of it we spent outdoors with fire pits and toasted marshmallows and fireworks, she wore a lovely Forbes tartan shawl. To have us matching when we had no idea about each other’s outfit gave us both a good laugh.

What was your first dance?

Our first dance was to Rule the World by Take That. It was perfect!

Martin Perry Wedding First Dance

What is your fondest memory of the day?

My fondest memory of the day was seeing my wife for the first time in her dress, she was breathtaking. I started crying immediately, which I’ve not been allowed to forget. I couldn’t have imagined the dress she had chosen, and after seeing it I couldn’t hold back the tears. I’ll never forget how she looked on that day.

What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding?

Enjoy the experience, but most importantly: make the most of the free afternoon tea most venues will offer if you say you want a wedding, scones galore! It was a fun experience that of course at times disagreements were had but, enjoy the planning because when it all comes together on the day it’s worth every second.

Have you been on your honeymoon or do you have one planned?

Our honeymoon was somewhat of a “Pre-moon”. We had to go before the wedding. I’m a professional athlete and am in the qualifying period to try and compete at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games so my training and competition schedule made us have to go beforehand. Going beforehand actually chilled us out and made sure we were relaxed in the build up to the wedding. We spent 7 nights in Universal Studios, Orlando before spending 3 nights in New York City. It was incredible, we had so much fun in Orlando going on all the rollercoasters and the entire time in New York I just had my eyes wide open to try and take everything in. The honeymoon was amazing.

What made you choose MacGregor and MacDuff and would you shop with us again?

My father-in-law got his kilt outfit from MacGregor and MacDuff and recommended that I have a look at what was available. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, my whole outfit was personalised and was not rushed. I was given as much time and advice as I needed or wanted. The staff were so helpful and once we started talking about the wedding I think by the end of the whole process the staff were more excited than me. I would definitely recommend MacGregor and MacDuff, everything I experienced from start to finish was above and beyond what I was expecting.

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