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Weddings by MacGregor & MacDuff – Ian and Kirsty

We were equally excited as Ian and Kirsty when they came into our Bath Street shop in August to decide on their wedding kilts. This really was a match made in heaven as Kirsty McGregor and Ian McDuff are our first ever MacGregor and MacDuff couple! They explained to one of our sales stylists how they simply could not go anywhere else, and we were thrilled to be a part of their special day.

The couple were married on the 18th of November 2018, in The Alona Hotel, at Strathclyde Country Park. Ian and his seven groomsmen were kitted out in complimentary MacGregor and MacDuff outfits. They wore the Hunting MacGregor tartan with the Argyll jacket and waistcoat, paired with a dress black sporran and burgundy cravat; to stand out as the groom Ian wore a plaid. This is a timeless outfit, and extremely special for Ian to wear Kirsty’s clan tartan. Kirsty’s Dad had bought this outfit from MacGregor and MacDuff last year and recommended our service to the couple, they both agreed on how wonderful it would be for Ian to wear the same tartan as his father-in-law. The groomsmen and pageboys from both sides of the family wore the same outfit.

Ian explained to us how at first he was unsure if he would feel comfortable wearing a kilt, however he wanted to wear something traditional and an outfit that he usually would not wear. After coming into our store and speaking with one of our stylists Ian felt much happier about wearing a kilt, he said that the full service was extremely efficient. In particular he liked that the groomsmen could each get measured at their own convenience and did not have to attend the kilt fitting together. With quite a large wedding party and each busy with different schedules, this was a huge benefit for Ian and the party.

Kirsty and Ian decided to use traditional hand fasting as part of their ceremony. They purchased both the MacGregor and the MacDuff tartan: this was an extremely special and significant way of symbolising the two families joining together as one.

We are so happy that we were able to be a part of making Kirsty and Ian’s wedding day so special, and we wish Mr and Mrs McDuff the very best of luck in the future.