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Weddings by MacGregor and MacDuff - London Lovers Lucky in Lomond

What was your favourite part of wedding planning?

The wife took on most of the planning! However, one of my domains was ensuring the kilt outfits were sorted. I enjoyed this part the most after being won over by the Lomond Mist outfit from MacGregor & MacDuff.

Can you talk us through your outfit?

I opted for the Lomond Mist tartan and tweed jacket combination. I also went for the matching plaid across my shoulder which I felt made a statement.

What was your first dance?

We decided not to have a first dance as it wasn’t really our thing. Everyone just ploughed onto the dance floor when they felt like it! However, we had “Caledonia” among others performed beautifully by a couple of good friends of ours at our ceremony, as my wife walked down the aisle.

Where did you get married and why did you choose that venue?

We had our ceremony in the main chamber of Islington Town Hall. We opted for this venue because of its glorious setting and the circular nature of the chamber which meant we would be literally surrounded by our guests. The venue also has a historic association with Arsenal Football Club nearby of whom my wife and I are supporters. An open top old London route master then took us up to leafy Totteridge for our reception. We stopped a few hundred yards short so we could have a bagpiper led procession going into the venue.

Why did you choose a kilt outfit over a traditional suit?

We chose a kilt outfit over a traditional suit because although I’m a born and bred Londoner, I have lived in Scotland for a number of years and have ancient Scottish lineage. Also my wife, Alison is Scottish. We considered suits at the start of planning due to the difficulty we envisaged with using a quality kilt hire company in London. However, when I found MacGregor and MacDuff and saw what was on offer my mind was set on it.

What is your fondest memory of the day?

Good question! Too many great and fond memories of the day to pick just one. If I had to pick one it would be the Celtic Handfasting performed by my dad after the official ceremony at the top of the steps outside of the town hall. As my wife and I started walking down the steps amidst the confetti, hands fasted, my wife heard and spotted the bagpiper (my cousin) playing in full tartan regalia. She had no idea and it was a surprise! She was blown away.. pardon the pun.

Bride and Groom walk down stairs to confetti

Were any of the groomsmen or other party members in kilts?

Yes, my two best men were kitted out in the same Lomond Mist outfits from M & M as myself - without the plaid. There were also several other guests wearing tartan including one of our wedding singers and my cousin who had flown in from New York to be our bagpiper.

What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding?

My advice to any couples planning their wedding is to not sweat the small stuff and don’t be afraid to challenge convention and do your own thing.

Would you come back to MacGregor and MacDuff?

I would certainly come back to MacGregor and MacDuff. A quality and leading variety of tartan and jacket combinations. The pop-up shop service in London was very convenient for my best men. Also in the week leading up to the big day, if something didn’t fit right it was dealt with swiftly by the courier service.

Did you incorporate tartan into any other part of your wedding?

After the official ceremony, on the steps of the town hall, we had a traditional Celtic handfasting ceremony in front of our guests, performed by my Dad. We used a Lomond Mist tartan handfasting ribbon, purchased from MacGregor and MacDuff. It’s now a treasured memento from the day for us.

Couple performing handfasting ceremony taken by Groom's father

What is your favourite aspect of wearing a kilt?

I love wearing a kilt because it’s part of my heritage and who I am. It makes a statement at any kind of formal occasion.

Have you been on your honeymoon or do you have one planned?

We went on honeymoon a couple of days after our wedding day. We toured up the east coast of the USA by train, stopping at Miami, Savannah, Charleston, D.C, NYC and Boston. It was a great trip.

Married couple stood in venue


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