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Forward Thinking Retail with Shelter Scotland

We are aiming to save up to six tonnes of clothing waste each year through our new forward-thinking relationship with Shelter Scotland.

In a bid to help divert landfill waste and encourage retail recycling among our customers we have teamed up with the housing and homelessness advice organisation to provide shirts and socks to the charity’s shops in the West of Scotland.

We are now actively encouraging customers who do not wish to keep the socks and shirts, offered as part of our full hire packages, to return them to any of our stores where they will be donated directly to Shelter Scotland. Shelter Scotland is marking its 50th anniversary this year and supports people who are struggling with bad housing or homelessness.

Red Shelter Scotland T-shirt on a kilt mannequin next to MacGregor and MacDuff brand wall

The clothing we provide will be donated to the shops which raise funds that ensure the charity can provide advice and support to people who need help to find, keep or improve their housing. The Shelter shops also provide clothing directly to people in need.

This exciting new donation-scheme is already available across each of the three MacGregor and MacDuff stores where we are also donating tartan offcuts from our manufacturing process which will be hugely attractive to the crafters and upcyclers who rely on charity shops for their materials.

For more information or any queries about this initiative please contact us.