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A Bespoke Wedding


Newly wed’s Dawn and Royce Pendrill recently eloped and got married in Phuket, Thailand. A big ‘traditional’ wedding wasn’t important to the couple, as all they really wanted was to be married to one another. A wedding for two, married in the beautiful venue of Keemala, the day was purely about Dawn and Royce. Royce decided to make the day even more special and designed his very own tartan for the occasion.

The name Pendrill does not originate from Scotland, and therefore Royce did not have his own family tartan to wear. He had a clear vision in mind and knew exactly what he wanted his outfit to look like. Convinced he had seen a kilt with a stag’s head embroidered into the tartan, Royce and his family contacted every kilt shop that they could find in Scotland to try and find it. Unfortunately, no one had a kilt like it or knew where to get one. Dawn explained that it was during the search for this particular kilt that she contacted MacGregor and MacDuff, we also did not know of the kilt but luckily had a solution to help make Royce’s vision a reality. 

Speaking to the couple after the wedding, they stressed how straightforward the full process of designing their own tartan was. They met with Izzy, the in-house tartan designer at MacGregor and MacDuff, so that she could gauge what kind of colours and sett patterns they liked in a tartan. The main focus for Royce was the stag head, making the tartan design itself relatively simple and timeless. Inspired by the Highland Granite tartan, different shades of grey make up the beautiful tartan, and it is lifted with a white line delicately running through. Izzy presented the couple with different CAD (computer-aided design) drawings, which showcased variations of what the tartan could be like. This part was a relatively easy decision, but what they found difficult was deciding on the perfect image of the stag. 

Royce previously had in his head that he would like the stag to be on the front of the kilt. Izzy advised against this, however, as if we did this there could not be a check within the tartan and the stag would be hidden when he had his sporran on. We also experimented with the stag being in a white and black silhouette – we decided that a block dark silhouette of the stag worked best. This kilt was jacquard woven (rather than dobby woven which is the norm for standard tartans) which allowed the mill to weave a figurative design, and not just stripes and checks, into the kilt. Since the image of the stag needed to appear only on the pleats, they had to plan the entire 8-metre length of fabric so that the stag design fell in the correct place within the cloth, and with the base tartan. Once made up, you can see the stag fits centrally across the pleats, and up to the seat of the kilt, meaning the design wouldn’t be obscured by most highlandwear jackets.

Dawn stated “the team at MacGregor and MacDuff, and the Mill, were really helpful and patient with us to make sure it would all be perfect!” 

Together, the couple and Izzy decided on each aspect of the outfit. Choosing the Antler Kilt Pin, and grey sporran with Stag mount to add a subtle nod to his stag inspired outfit. They paired the tartan with our Lomond Tweed jacket and waistcoat, as the light grey really complemented the greys within the tartan. 

Married on the 24th of October 2019, the couple then celebrated with their loved ones on their return and had a big party to announce that they are now Mr and Mrs Pendrill. A huge congratulations to the couple, we are so pleased to have been such a big part of getting ready for their special day.